Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 Is Fine

What's your favorite:

Cereal/Breakfast: omelettes, especially with chicken & red peppers!
Vegetable: Pears, Yum! Carrots.
Drink: I have to say juice. Not just juice, strawberry juice. 
Toy: Lego, my new one.
Tv Show: The Zoo
Game: Um, the Harry Potter one I'm playing right now.
Restaurant: Subway
Book: Gusty The Fly
Holiday: Christmas & my birthday because I don't have to do chores!
Animal: dogs, bunny rabbits, lions, giraffes
If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Jac-a-rooty

What is your favorite thing about each person in our family?
Mommy because she makes my dinner. Daddy because he's always so weird, like funny weird. Morgan because he's well.. weird. Nutty, crazy like a nutcracker.
If you could choose where we go on vacation, where would we go?
Britain, but if we couldn't go there I'd pick America, & if we couldn't do that I'd go to France.
What do you hope to do now that you are nine?
I hope I can break through walls.
Do super summersaults.
See through dark caves.
And, my best, make an earthquake by.... burping!

Seriously I didn't make those answers up. I'm not sure anyone but Jayden couldn't make those up! He is quite addicted to pears lately though, & it's a major event if the house runs out. As in major not good because he's sure to tell us. Hourly. He's always been a carrot freak, & most likely only left off saying corn because I rarely buy it these days. He might like it, but it doesn't like him.

The Zoo is a new to us show about the Auckland Zoo. It's been really interesting to watch, & he's very much in love with it considering it's all about animals. That and, you know, he actually gets to watch a live tv show. The day they had a chameleon on he wanted us all to come & sit down because, "You're going to see a real live chameleon won't this be so cool!!" And that, my friends, is why this Mamma doesn't buy toy lizards, frogs, or snakes. Cause I don't wanna bend down to pick it up only to scream when it wiggles. True story. Ask Mr S about the day I had to evict a frog from the kids train box. The man had tears streaming down his face while I recanted the entire incident, including the kids safely hidden behind the couch because Mom was screaming so loud while she chased it around they were sure it was one of the dangerous poison ones. They kept screaming at me to hide with them too. Thank goodness our only neighbors were sheep back then..

As for his name. He had an absolute blank look on his face before busting out with that one. His initials spell the name JAC. Now & again Morgan will call him Jac. When they were much younger Morgan's pet name for Jayden was always Jay-Jay, you know like the jet plane. Jayden never complained, but then again he let Morgan talk him into being Wendy {like Bob the builder & Wendy} once too & then screamed on top of his lungs in the local Wal-mart when I called him Jayden. But one day Jayden said, "Don't call me Jay-Jay anymore." So Morgan didn't, he started calling him Jac, today Jayden decided it's not an allowed name anymore. Why? He has an Aunt who's name is Jacqueline, we have never shortened her name but my brother does. No idea if Jayden knows this or not, but he figured Jac was too much like Jacqueline &, "I am not a girl." Funnily enough, I've always called him Jayde or Jayder Bader & never been told off for it. Yet.

And yes, this child LIVES for omelettes. When there is leftover fajitas in this house he's always heavily conflicted on asking for a fajita for breakfast or turning it into an omelette. The woman he marries is going to have to be an exceptional cook, because the way to this kids heart is through his tummy. Seriously, ask him what he wants to give as gifts & it's generally food related.. in the chocolate variety. 

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