Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week Thirteen

Our week started out with a whole lot of crazy rushing around, and very wet. It rained for four straight days, let up for one day, & then came back with a vengeance! Jayden spent a good deal of the week checking the sky & giving us updates on it's color as well as evidence of rainbows which are often in high demand during the rainy season here.

Monday was the only day we had a semi-normal day of school. Morgan woke up with a wicked cold on Tuesday & spent much of the day complaining he couldn't breathe through his nose while dutifully using up an entire box of tissues.

We spent the week enjoying watch the roses outside our front door too. We woke up one day & while dodging peltering rain to clamber into the car to take Mr S to work we spotted a rose that was just starting out. We decided we'd keep an eye on it to see how long it would take before it was fully opened.

Just for the record, it's not weird to have roses in bloom at this time of the year. It's also not weird to have things greener in our neck of the woods at this time of the year either. Summers are often dry & hot leaving things brown. So when the autumn rains start things tend to look a little greener around here.

I spent the week reading Across Five Aprils to the boys. We'd been reading it for the past week or two & while it's a really good book for learning about where battles took place & key historical moments it wasn't a personal in the moment kind of book. Jayden was really disappointed with it, & I think it's because it was far more factual happening then fictional. Either way, I read like crazy & we finished it up this week.

Next week, & hopefully everyone will be healthy by then, we are starting Behind Rebel Lines & The Periolous Road. We were suppose to start the latter this week, but with Morgan feeling icky I decided to simply concentrate on just reading Across Five Aprils. I'm really eager to read Behind Rebel Lines, & I'm hoping the boys will equally enjoy the book. This is a story about Emma Edmonds who wanted so desperately to help she disguised herself as a man & enlisted in the army. Like Deborah Sampson, from the Revolutionary War, no one was the wiser that Emma was a female. Emma actually turns spy for the Union which has Jayden really excited to read about too.

By Friday our rose was in full bloom & I was next in line to be knocked out by the cold which astounded the household. In fact, if either child had said, "I can't believe Mom caught the cold!" one more time I might have risked telling them to be quiet despite the scalding pain that was coming from my throat. Thankfully we'd finished up our book the day before I spent the day reading my own book & making a pot of chicken soup. The boys entertained me with a mock karate fight which was followed up by quizzing each other on mathematical word problems. Some of which were far more logic based them math!

All in all, not exactly a stellar week here. In fact Morgan was really upset we didn't start our Biology as he's desperate to make an edible cell, but it wasn't a wasted week either.  Mr S is coming down with the cold now & I'm praying Jayden has just managed to escape it all together, all though I strongly suspect he'll wake up with it on Monday morning just to throw me for a whole new loop.

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Angel said...

Lovely rose pictures, and I hope you all feel better soon!