Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 12

Another busy week is behind us, & we seem to be flying along with another two books polished off this week. We're really enjoying our reads, I'd say this year but the truth is we really seem to love whatever book we're reading!

We're officially in the throws of the US Civil War. We're reading through Across Five Aprils, which doesn't have, at this point, battle scenes as Jayden had hoped for & gives more of a personal reflection of how the war effects a family.

We polished off The Great Turkey Walk which was a fun read but also quite interesting at the same time. We also wrapped up Thee Hannah! which was the story of a quaker family who happened to help runaway slaves. All though the main theme of the story was more about the youngest girl in the family, Hannah, coming to understand what being a Friend was all about.

We're still plucking away with our Photobiography of Abraham Lincoln. It's been an interesting read, for sure! I had no idea that Lincoln suffered with depression on such a large scale. Mind you, the poor man had an awful lot of sadness in his life which probably didn't help him one little bit. It was also interesting to see pictures of him in his younger years, I'm not sure I would have recognised him, & to learn that his height was all in his legs. Thus, when he sat he looked the same size as most men in the room. Did you know that Lincoln didn't grow his whiskers until he was officially elected president?

We only added a few notebooking bits & bobs this week. The boys added two more books to their collection of leaders: Lee & Grant. We also discovered in one a couple of our books that Robert E Lee was often called Bobby Lee, which drove Jayden absolutely insane. We learned about the Monitor & The Merrimack, two firsts for boats. The boys colored various woman of the Civil War & will write on the backside of each woman as we learn about them. We also learned about the Antietam, which turned out to be the bloodiest battle/day of the entire Civil War. In fact, the stats of men that died that day turned out to be greater then in any other time in US history including September 11. That was a rather startling fact. The easiest way for me to explain the staggering amount of people that died to the boys was to point out everyone in the Footy Stadium when we were there this weekend & say, "More then this, double in fact." It put things into perspective for them.  We also updated our map of battles, something they are really enjoying keeping track of.

Jayden tackled borrowing for the first time this week. I like to work on carrying & borrowing separately for a long time so that each method is well grounded in their mind. Jayden & I enjoyed playing What's The Difference to give him a little grounding with borrowing. He didn't do too bad as long as he remembered we weren't adding.

Morgan's flying through his math book this year, which is fun to see. His confidence with math made the leap to living math worth overcoming my own fear of it. I'm so glad he has that much confidence & excels so well with this subject. This week most of it was a lot of review, but he did learn some new terms & has been gleefully using them on everyone he can. He also played with percentages again this week which are done in a hands on way with fractional pieces. We also worked on adding different fractions with differing denominators thanks to these fun fractional pieces. It was fun to see him guess & then put it into action to see if he was right. And no, he wasn't still in pj's, he just deems it necessary to wear a pj shirt all day long. It drives me insane, but I pretend not to care.

Midweek we took the afternoon & ran by the library to collect some books, then headed over to the park. The boys were delighted to find that it was vacant & they could enjoy whichever swing they wanted. Morgan's plan was originally to sit on that hideous swing & try to read the book he'd checked out, but his fear of heights kicked in & he soon gave up that idea. Can you see the boat going out? It's on it's way to the mainland with a variety of goods upon it. Sometimes it carries livestock, but we didn't see or hear any on that particular day.

We officially started recorder lessons this week. The boys were pleased as punch. Lessons are happening at home, I felt confident enough to teach recorder thanks to the clarinet lessons. Course, it brought back some really funny memories of my first ever lesson where, thanks to a C reed, I managed to make the teacher's dog howl. In fact, I'm pretty sure I managed to make her poor dog howl as I learned some of the higher notes on my clarinet. I'm pretty sure I didn't do much for my family's ears considering I recall being sent to the backyard to practice a few times, but I was successful enough not to be kicked out of the homeschool band so surely that must count for something.. you know, even if there were only four of us plus our teacher.

We're working on a scientist a month or something like that alongside our Apologia Science, & we got so wrapped up learning about Archimedes this week we never got to our Apologia Science which really disappointed Morgan. This little book {above} we checked out of the library & it was really a fantastic read without being boring. We matched up with The Way Things Work so the boys could see pictures of the various inventions that were spoken about. We also watched this video which helped the boys visualise the way Archimedes solved the issue with the crowns. In fact, I was amazed to see that Morgan wasn't at all afraid to tackle what he thought would be the math to get the answer. He was on the right track too, which was even more impressive.


Dawn said...

Awesome books! I always enjoy seeing what you all are reading. I chuckled at your stories about the record. I think my mom would have liked to send me and the piano outside a few times.
Blessings, Dawn

Phyllis said...

What a wonderful week!

Edwena said...

I too am starting to teach my kiddos recorder this summer. I play flute though. I'm still praying for you, Kendra. (((HUGS)))

Bright Eyed Girl said...

Hey my kids love that swing!
Your blog is just lovely :)