Friday, May 4, 2012

A Trip Out of Town

For Mr S's birthday he was given tickets for a local cruise. It's just one that travels along the Tamar River for an hour or so.

I've always been the reluctant one to go along with the whole cruise idea as I'm often prone to travel sickness. I have no issues, unless in a migrainal state, when flying. But I can be hit or miss in a car if I'm not the one driving. I didn't want to find out the hard way on a cruise.

Regardless it was a wonderful gift for the guy who's always wanted to go on a cruise, & a perfect sized one to check out the whole "will I get seasick" theory. We were going to go two Saturdays ago, but I didn't want to drive to the cruise location two weekends in a row, as the following weekend we'd be out that way for a Footy Game. So I suggested we make a nice long weekend of it, & Mr S decided that was an awesome idea.

The boys & packed the cases & the esky before collecting Mr S at his office on Friday, then we hit the road. We went to check in & had the biggest laugh. This probably won't phase many of you as funny, but the clerk who put in my reservation over the phone clearly didn't understand my accent and thus threw an R in our name. We went from having a last name that was respectable to having a last name that made us sound like a bunch of outlaws. Once we got that sorted out we nipped up to the local grocery & picked up cheese for the dinner I'd brought.  Oh, and don't be fooled by the above photo, there is not that much different in the boys height, Jayden is sitting, Morgan is standing & waiting to grab the red pepper I was slicing.

Mr S got a little annoyed with how long it was taking to cook the mince {ground beef} on the ity bitty travel/toaster type cooking device. {He was the one doing it while I was chopping veggies..} & Jayden said, "Oh don't worry Daddy, just come sit on my lap instead!" It caused us all to laugh, but Mr S didn't hesitate & I couldn't resist taking a photo moments before Jayden said, "Okay that's enough!" I suspect his little legs were falling asleep.

On my way to collect Mr S, just a few days before the heaps of packages arrived, I stopped in to our post office to pick up another stack of books for the school year. Jayden went Gaga for all those war books, I was going nuts over the HSITW cds. Unfortunately, I didn't get to look at any of it until after we'd arrived & had dinner, but it was worth the wait.

The next morning we walked all over downtown picking up a few things here & there that we'd intended to look for while in the city. Of course the boys wanted an obligatory play on the wildlife outside the library, & I decided it was time to update the only other photo we have of them on it. They were 3 & 5 at the time. And yes, we did hit the library while we were there. Jayden absolutely had to check out a book they had in there on the Civil War, I'm talking had to go in & get that book.

The weather was miserably looking on Saturday morning, & poor Jayden is still not over his fear of storms. Apparently the ingrained fear of tornadoes that he had at 3 is still haunting him despite the fact that we rarely get wicked weather like that here. Now that we don't live as close to the ocean we don't even get lots of wind. I miss that wind, but he doesn't. Needless to say Jayden had himself in a right state of mind, & once we calmed his fear about the storm he went into a total panic about getting seasick! Is that my kid or what?! I pointed out that none of us had ever gotten sick on the ferry by our old home that we often rode into town, & thus we boarded the boat. We had a lovely view off the back end so we could see everything with very little obstructions to our view.

Do you think he had any sickness? Nope! He loved it so much, & was on constant look out for seals & dolphins which the captain said are, on occasion spotted in the river. Apparently with the ecess supply of fish in the river they've had an excess of seals in there too. While none of the larger wildlife was spotted, we had a wonderful time listening to the historical points along our way. It was absolutely amazing to hear the tales! I'll share those later when I snag the rest of the cruise photos from Mr S. We did, however, see a couple of magnificent white bellied eagles! The captain was in the middle of telling us to look out for them when he slowed way down & eventually stopped so we could see one in the tree. It was amazing, & in flight was even better!  The boys were absolutely delighted, they kept peppering the captain with questions from, "If someone falls overboard is it okay to shout out Man Overboard?!" to "Do you like your job?"

Sunday we packed up the car in a total mad rush, unsure of checkout time, & then went to the museum only to discover it had moved & we were now in an art museum. It was free so we checked a few of the displays out {no pictures cameras weren't allowed} & the boys were in awe to see pieces of furniture & paintings from the time period we studied last year. It was also fun for them to see pictures of the town we were in way back when it wasn't so full. There was even a picture of the highway back when it was just a path & it made us smile thinking about the Castaway Convict, still one of their absolute favourite Aussie history books. After the art museum, we drove across town towards the footy stadium & hit the museum before the game.

Yep, we totally went into the museum in our game garb, complete with washable tattoos on my cheeks, giant scarfs & all that hoopla. The museum was awesome to hold our esky for us so we could travel around unencombored. Mr S had his awesome camera out so I didn't take many photos. The boys loved seeing all the different things from back when Australia was a Penal Colony. They were shocked by the leg irons, weapons, & other goodies on display. They were terrified of the dinosaurs, but I have to confess this non-dinosaur loving Mamma was actually amazed by them. There was just a fascinating amount of stuff to see, we're thinking of going back before the next game too.

What stole the show for us was this airplane. I looked up at the varying airplanes & was telling Morgan how one really resembled what the Wright Brothers would have most likely been flying when I caught the tail on this plane. The very tail not in the picture above. But, for your FIAR Mamma's, the clue is the date written on the wing of this plane. The tale reads Bleriot XI. Mr S has a picture of the tale, but due to not being permitted to use flash it's a tad blurry, I'll post it when I procure it from his camera.

Morgan & I just stood there with our mouths hanging open. Seriously! I have no idea which one of us squealed louder first. I said, "Morgan, it's Papa's airplane!!" & he said, "It even has roman numerals on it!" Poor Mr S was standing there totally confused, & had no idea why on earth we were begging him to take a photo even though he had no idea why on earth we were so excited. In fact, the curator came over & then heard Morgan & I babbling about the English Channel & the foggy morning from The Glorious Flight & he decided we were reasonably sane & didn't pester us.

After the footy match, no photos, I was too busy waving my ridiculously long scarf around & moaning in horror, we headed back home. It was a great weekend away!

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