Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Language Arts

While in town the other day we finally found a copy of The Word Spy to go with our copy of Return Of The Word Spy. Not only did the shop have The Word Spy on hand, they also had The Word Spy Activity Book which has various things to do based on topics in both books! It was a very exciting find for us & will match up perfectly with what I'm reading in The Writer's Jungle. It's the only official grammar books the boys will use... for now anyway.


Butterfly said...

I'm thinking about ordering the Word Spy Activity book, it's in this month's Scholastic book club.

Sheryll said...

I have these checked out from the library right now (well, not the activity book but the other two). I really, really like them. Short sections and written so well that it makes it all very interesting to read. I hope you will post more about the activity guide so we can see how useful it is!