Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lift The Tab Books

Last week the boys created a little Lift The Flap Book marking different spots on the Runaway Slave map they created with the Civil War Time Traveler cd from Homeschool In The Woods.

We don't follow the instructions for making this little book because we have a slightly easier way that works for us.

First, we print it all out, then the boys cut out the main parts of the map. In this particular one there were two large pieces you had to tape together to make an even larger map.

Instead of using a nifty exacto knife, I use my centipede cutter with the normal blade on it, but I take the blade off the actual base to make it easier to line up with my paper. I don't let the boys do this part simply because I'm always worried they'll run a finger over.

While I cut the flaps on the map the kids cut out whatever goes in the flaps. This time it was about different things, places, or people that would have been along the Underground Railroad. Next we tape the map together lining it up on the provided line, &  then we mount it on colored cardstock. The boys need help with the taping, but can often do the mounting part themselves if desired.

After that they fold the slips of paper to be glued in the book in half, then glue them in! If the flaps or your book wave in the wind just use a thumb nail, bone folder, or other flat object to grease the fold of the book flap again & it will all lay flat.

Tada! Because we are working on several Civil War time period things we're slipping everything into a page protector in the beginning of the boys timeline notebook. When we're done with this time period we'll fit everything into the timeline notebook! We choose to wait because many things we'll be glued to paper, waiting allows us to fit it all on one or two sheets!