Thursday, May 3, 2012

Heaps Of Packages

We've been waiting, less then patiently, for the remaining items for our school year to show up. It's been a daily game of cat & mouse with the Postie. Jayden would eagerly wait by the door & when the Postie would zoom up to the mailbox, Jayden would charge out the door & through the front gate to collect whatever mail might be available.

Last week, after a rather unhappy Monday afternoon, he came charging back in the house waving a slip screaming, "We've got packages!!" I asked to see the note curious to know how many were awaiting us, & when I flipped over the paper instead of a specific number the Postie had written, "Heaps".

I could not stop laughing. We loaded ourselves up into the car & drove down to the post office. When I handed the slip to the girl in the Fish & Chip shop, she politely asked me if I had a package to pick up. I said, "Oh, just a few apparently." She flipped over the notice & couldn't help laughing herself.

Even better was when she looked around for our packages & then says, "Oh, this must be them!" & proceeded to hand me an entire postal crate full of packages & one large mailbag. The crate even had our name written on it which just caused more laughter. I did return the crate before officially driving off, but man a picture then would have been really funny.

We had two boxes, one of which had been shoved inside the mailbag. It seems every other time I order something from I end up with the box arriving, often well battered, in a mailbag. No idea what's up with that, but it sure causes a lot of curious stares at the post office & excitement in our house.

Check out our stack of receipts! I keep them all until after tax season because we can claim a certain amount of school items on our tax return. While we've never been asked to produce proof, I always keep it. The big M tag is from our crazy mailbag, & those things are hard to open too!

Tada, our stack of "stuff" The boys were all excited to dig into some of it, so I quickly put all the books in their boxes on the shelf to avoid any missing books or early digging in. The two spiral bound items are Apologia Biology, we've been working with Zoology 1, but with the colder weather setting in that's getting a bit more difficult. We've decided to switch to Biology & switch back to Zoology in the summer again.  Just one more school package left to arrive, but that item was backordered & won't be shipped out until later this month anyway.


Sheryll said...

Our boxes from CBD arrive the same way. They usually have shipping stickers from Sweden. They always have those air-filled plastic pillows in them to protect things from shifting around, but the pillows have never made it all the way here without popping. It's annoying, we've ended up with some damaged books. Looks like a great stack of books to go through!

Nancy said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of great stuff!!!