Monday, May 7, 2012

Civil War Soldiers

Late last year while purchasing books for the new school year I saw a book of Civil War Paper Soldiers that I scooped up. Jayden loves playing with toy soldiers & I thought he'd really love being able to have a set of these guys to play with.

Of course, I didn't realize until this afternoon that it was a book of the various Confederate Soldiers. I know, a little slow right? In my defence I quickly hid it away when it arrived & put it on the shelf highest out of the children's view because I knew if Jayden saw the book he'd be desperate to dig into it.

Yesterday, after a long day at a local festival, Jayden wanted something to do & quite honestly I didn't feel like moving out from under the blanket I was under. I was balancing heat & ice packs between my shoulder & knees & pretty glad a footy game was on thinking no one would need any help. I was so glad I remembered the book sitting on our shelf!

I pulled it out & was able to resume my position under the blanket while I used a pair of scissors to cut a few soldiers out for the kids. I finished the rest off today. They were pretty eager to cut them out themselves until they opened up the book & saw that they needed to be really careful around some of the soldiers.

Each page sported 4 soldiers on some really nice quality card stock! I loved that they were printed front & back because at first I thought we were going to have to pull out the glue. The directions said to cut everything out & then fold the numbered section under the soldiers back & glue it to the matching oval. The other side of the ovals match the same dirt path that the soldiers are all standing on. What you see pictured above is the bottom so you can tell what each soldier is after assembling them!

We decided to tape them down instead. We put a piece of tape on the front & back which worked a charm! Plus, no waiting on the glue to dry which always frustrates the boys to no end when it comes to something they are hoping to use before bedtime.

A basketful of soldiers! The boys did the math before choosing who would get which soldier which really cracked me up. We put a small black dot on the bottom of the soldiers Jayden claimed as his own so that they could all be stored in the same basket without any fighting when they pulled them back out. All though, I strongly suspect that Jayden will be the only one using these long after we've wrapped up our study with on the Civil War. He's all ready requested a set of Civil War soldiers & a Civil War hat for his birthday. Not to mention a Civil War birthday party..

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Phyllis said...

Did you know that he also makes a Union Army Paper Soldiers?