Sunday, May 27, 2012

Civil War Quilt

Remember the Civil War quilt Jayden wanted? Well, I finally made it to the craft store with the Civil War material in it. It took me ages to find it as they'd rearranged all the material again & once I did find it, I nearly squealed because I was that excited.

The upside of waiting so long to finally get what I was after was that they had some new pieces there as well which fit in really well with our theme.

The red piece with faces on it has famous people from the Civil War on it. I'd say generals, but Abraham Lincoln is on there too. The big chunk on the far left has a variety of Military flags from the Civil war which was an awesome find for the backing! I also found a couple of pieces with various historical figures signatures on it, we can only clearly read a few of them, but it's still a cool piece!

The cutting process went along pretty quickly. I didn't have a Jelly roll or a Charm pack. For one thing, they don't sell the ones called for in the recipe in my area & the very few they do sell in my area are a, not the right colors, & b, far too pricey for me! So after a little research I figured out that my strips all needed to be 2.5" wide. They were super quick to cut out, but those stinking squares took a little longer. I needed a total of 54, & cheated by folding each color of material many times so I only had to make a few cuts. The upside is, I was done quickly, but the downside was some of the squares weren't quite the right size. Thankfully I cut extras.

By the time I started sewing the guys wanted lunch. I'm pretty convinced they wait until that moment when i'm absolutely up to my eyeballs in a project before they decide they need help. So, I told them they had to wait until I fined sewing just one part of my project, & then proceeded to sew together one flag. Ha!

Tada, thanks to a footy game I was able to tackle the entire top while the guys were busy. All though rumour has it that because I didn't watch & carry on with my normal cheering that the team they wanted to win lost. Such a shame, but hey look I got the quilt top done! I wasn't very happy with that brownish material at first, but it's grown on me a bit. It's actually golden & has cream stars on it. The original instructions called for white & tan checked material, but Mr S & I felt that the creamy colors were blending in with the flag. I think it will look even better once I get the binding on. As you can see I also skipped the extra strips around the outer edge. That was actually by accident, but by then I'd all ready cut the backing & binding. Oh well, I don't think the child will care, all though if I have enough extra backing cut I just might be tempted to "fix" it.

Excuse the blur, but that dark material is the binding. It's not floral even though it looks that way. It's actually a small start with a curving olive leaf around it. The other material is the backing. It's been fun to pour over it & see all the names of militia groups we've read about.

A few more of the flags. Some of them don't have a name on them, such as the one above, just numbers, colors & symbols. Jayden hasn't actually seen this chunk of material. By the time I got to this part of picking out material he was completely fed up with, "being in this stinking craft store! Can we please get to the birthday part now?" I had to bite my tongue pretty hard to avoid telling him it was for his birthday & he could show a tad more patience.

After dinner & a movie with the guys & cut up an old fleece blanket {one I got for free with an online order we placed a few years ago} & used it for the batting. Mr S was free to help me with the spray I use to tack the three layers together. Then I sewed between each row of flags tracing the binding material. I'm hoping to have time to quilt a star or two in each of the blue field areas of the flag & the signature of various Americans from the Civil war onto each flag. Then we'll bind it up & give it to the soon to be birthday boy.


The Zookeeper said...

so awesome!!!!!! great talent you have!!

Tracey said...

Looks great!