Monday, May 28, 2012

Civil War Quilt Again..

I slept on it all night & then dashed to the craft room first thing this morning to see if I had cut enough excess in binding & batting to add the extra edge around the quilt that I'd forgotten. I did, & I was really happy about that. I suggested everyone fend for themselves over breakfast, shuffled Mr S out the door to work, & then told the kids we'd have a slight delay to starting school. Not that they cared.. after all who's gonna snub lego play for a spelling test?! I used our leftover cream pieces & used them for a border. It really helped break up that gold that was stressing me out.

Ignore all the bumps & wrinkles in the photo. A certain soon to be birthday boy was peeping out the bathroom window to see what I was up to when I snapped the photo. He knows I'm working on the quilt, but he has no idea what it looks like. I'm mean like that. I'll have to finish smoothing it out & making sure my seams are all kosher this evening. Then hopefully I can start on the hand quilting.


Chelle said...

That is hours of work!!! Your ds is going to love that - it's an all boy quilt. Gorgeous!

(Followed your link over from SL - thanks for putting it up)
Chelle ☺

Leslie said...

It looks wonderful!!! I'm sure he will be delighted!