Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Jayden has been wistfully wondering why his birthday takes so long to come around. Each year we don't hear "how long till my birthday?" we hear, "Who's birthday's next?" He's known for years there's a procession of birthdays we must get through before we arrive at his. Now that his birthday is all most next on the list {save a cousin who comes first} he's started to give a little thought to what he wants for his birthday. Actually, I'm pretty sure he's known for a long while.

1. Union Jack quilt -- No, seriously he has a deep fetish for all things English. In fact, that's his dream vacation destination spot, which has recently been thrown to second over visiting the US. Either way, when he saw me looking through my stash of "craft ideas" he saw that Union Jack flag, which I'd long since bookmarked for him & asked, "If I wanted that for my birthday would you make it?" I even have some material with typical English things on it hidden away.. Who knows, maybe..

2. Zooku Pop Maker -- As I understand it these clever little devices are quite the rage right now, little does Jayden know. However, he saw me looking at one the other day & got all excited wondering if it was an okay thing he could ask for having on his birthday. This child is a popsicle addict, & the thought that he can make 9 popsicles in less then a half hour excites him to no end. I gotta say it kinda excites me too because I get so tired of hearing him ask me a million times a day if his popsicles are frozen enough yet. 

3. Zooku Character Kit -- What beats 9 popsicles in less then a half hour? Popsicles with funny faces on them. Yeah, really. He saw the kit while I was looking at the machine & started giggling in his uncontrollable giggle that causes everyone else around him to start laughing. "With this too, I'd need this to make my popsicles look funny!" 

4. Hot Wheels Video Camera -- Both of the boys are a tad weird when we get out the video camera, so if I want something that actually resembles the semi-normal them I have to be sneaky. Jayden has been using a "hand-me-down" ipod for a while now & he discovered the video camera on it much to everyone else's horror. We had to lay down some strict rules, you know.. No videoing Mom telling you off. No sneaking up on your brother while he's getting dress.. Absolutely no videotaping anyone you do not know. Yeah, I had a spelling lesson interrupted to he could "rewind". We found him throwing himself all over the backyard making some kinda video that had involved beating himself up, screaming, & other hideous things that finally caused his mother to open the door & declare, "Enough! If you're driving me crazy I can't imagine what the neighbours are suffering through!" I'm pretty sure the family to our left was snickering. When Jayden spotted this in a local electronics store his eyes glazed over & we nearly lost him as he, "was just dreaming of all the videos I could make! You'd really laugh then Dad!"

5. Union Civil War Hat -- Everything right now is about the Civil War around here due to school, but also due to absolute obsession. He's up to his eyeballs in the Magic Tree House book about the Civil War, begged us to read Across Five Aprils, & is giddy that I have another half dozen books lined up on the topic.. which is nothing compared to the many long drawn out battles I've been watching him reinact. When he asked if they had Civil War uniforms still I said they did, & that to my knowledge hats were pretty easy to come by, "Wow,  can one get here in time for my birthday?!"

6. Civil War Soldiers -- This little boy has always had a fascination for little toy soldiers. Give him the choice of purchasing anything he wanted & he's often intent to add another set to his collection. Unlike the lego population, I've yet to step on one of these toy soldiers! I've always wanted to buy him pewter ones, but they are excessively expensive considering he'd play with them for years to come & not care too much that they were hand painted. I spotted a few different Civil War ones that are actually in color compared to the normal run of the mill soldiers he has, & while he's content with the ones I did find, "I really wish you could find those cool wooden ones you showed me before!" I spotted a cute tin of wooden ones I thought I'd ordered for Christmas, a month after Christmas when they still hadn't arrived I couldn't find any proof that I'd actually purchased them nor could I locate the item online anymore either..

7. Uncle Sam Quilt -- Once in a blue moon I get lucky enough to trek through a craft store. This happened recently while I was trying to procure a piece of decent clear vinyl for the top of our school table. While in the craft shop I trekked through the material section & was oogling over one thing or another when Jayden asked me to look at some America material. I turned around and found myself staring at material covered with people like Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, & the likes. I was shocked, but Jayden wasn't. "Can you make something out of this for me?" Which reminded me of another quilt I had in my pile of to make someday. If I get lucky enough to hit the craft store before the next blue moon arrives, he might get lucky enough to see exactly what I can make out of that material.

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