Sunday, May 6, 2012

39 Clue Audiobooks

Recently the boys & I started listening to the 39 clue books. We love having an audio book going, & I have a long list of books I'd like to listen to with the boys, & this wasn't even on the list.

Regardless, I downloaded Book One from Audible & we were off & running. We don't actually go out that much during the week, but with our weekend trip it was fun to have a nice book in the car to listen to.

In fact, Jayden is often the one who will ask for breaks from the books in the car. His reasons could vary, but we often turn it off when he asks if we'd all ready had a good listen. However, he's desperate to hear the story every single time we're in the car. He doesn't care if it's a five minute trip up the road to the itty bitty post office, or a half hour trip up the road to a park. He is literally desperate to hear these stories. This delights Morgan, because that way when he asks to listen to the books at lunch time or while playing in the afternoon with Lego, Jayden is totally on board with it. Their fascination with the story is really funny, but equally not surprising.

The books are mysteries with historical figures & well known geographical locations in the books. There is a family hunting down exactly 39 clues, the set of relatives to get to the 39th clue & thus the prize first wins whatever the earth shattering prize is. The differing clans of family are all quite interesting. It's easy to mistake them all for "baddies", but I find the smaller indepth moments when the author chooses to reveal why a "baddie" behaves the way they do rather interesting. Don't worry, I'm still cheering for the main characters {the obvious good guys} to win!

I will say that, as a parent, I was a little disappointed with some of the name calling in book one. I won't lie and say my children are perfect & never stoop to the level of name calling or being naughty towards or with each other, but in general they know where to tow the line & don't make a habit of such behaviour. Within Book One there is a great deal of name calling between the siblings & other relatives which is a tad off putting for me, however I noticed it stopped towards the end of the book & so far in book two it's been minimal to non existent.

I will say the redeeming quality is that when things get tough Amy & Dan {the main characters} really band together to help each other. They each have something they may not be good at, or that terrifies them, & the other sibling is there to carry them through. I like that-- a lot.

All in all, I'm willing to keep listening to the books with the kids! I'm curious where the series is going, & I'm also intrigued to see how many other historical figures my children will meet between the pages of these books. Ben Franklin is pretty top notch with both boys, especially Jayden {remember he hated Ben & Me the most because he felt the book made Franklin, a very intelligent man, out to be stupid & that really sat poorly with him}. Book 2 has introduced us to Mozart & his lesser known sister.

Of course, Morgan is also very intrigued by the cards that apparently go with this book series. As we're obtaining audio books we're not actually getting any cards with the books. We can't seem to buy the cards locally, or in one of the bigger cities near us where we also searched. We did, however find a 39 Clues card game which excited him. Morgan is on a big card collecting kick right now so anything involving trading cards really excites him.

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