Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Rest of March

So, I said I was going to do away with the Weekly Wrap Up and replace it with the Monthly memories, but truth be told I had a hard time to try and recap an entire month. So much can happen that it's far more difficult then just quickly posting a few pictures so we can remember what happened at the end of our week. We love looking back over things, so we're back to weekly recaps.. or something like that.

This month has continued to be a building up to all of our school work as we continued to await the final bits and bobs of our school year to arrive.

The boys, got cracking on their new math curriculum, Saxon, & made huge strides with it. To be honest, they've not hit much they don't know yet. For Jayden I'm having him go lesson by lesson, where as Morgan is skipping most of the review things and buzzing ahead to lessons I feel he needs more concentration on. However, the larger mental math problems are new to them.

We plowed through more books, some loved some not so much. We all enjoyed Freedom Crossing which is the tale of a young escaped slave trying to reach Canada. The Twenty One Balloons managed a few snickers, but over all wasn't as enjoyed. In fact, Jayden, still not feeling 100%, fell asleep for the end of the book. Secret of The Andes wasn't truly enjoyed by any of us. It had a sad feel to it, but we made it to the end. I think the boys will appreciate it more when we hit our South America unit this coming week. We also listened to Mr Poppers Penguins {again} which always elicits heaps of laughter. We've begun Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets. Morgan asked if I'd read it aloud to them. Jayden wasn't keen on the idea, but he's the one hanging on my every word. I still stink at replicating a British accent, but the boys aren't caring too much.

We enjoyed reading Phoebe The Spy for our study of George Washington. This was a book one of the boys was required to read last year, but they got sidetracked with some other books. So I read it aloud to them. It's about a young free black girl who goes undercover to help foil an assassination plot on General George Washington. The boys were delighted to find out you could still go to NYC and pop into the cavern that Phoebe & her father owned. We also had a few giggles when we found out poor Martha missed George's inauguration speech due to traffic.

That kinda wraps us up. We've been reading through Herein Is Love: Genesis to match our Grapevine Bible. It may be a bit over Jayden's head so we may lay it aside for a while & come back to it later. Or, I may use it to catch some of the other lessons that Grapevine doesn't cover. We'll see. Spelling took a back seat when both boys hit lessons that tripped them up considerably. We've also decided to switch Morgan to Sequential Spelling for a few reasons. His books are currently speeding towards us & I'm very excited about it. He wasn't too impressed when I mentioned I was changing his spelling curriculum, but I really think he'll enjoy it.

Science has been stalemated since Jayden fell ill. Shamefully we've had the same Nature Walk Scavenger hunt planned for 3 Fridays in a row only to be foiled with rain. Seriously, we might have to go on a different afternoon because at this rate we'll never get that Scavenger Hunt done. We're still working through Zoology 1. We're actually thinking of switching to Biology for the cooler months & finishing up Zoology in the warmer months when the life we're learning about will be more active to see.

Morgan's excited to be putting his typing to use over on his blog. He's only had one opportunity to blog since I made the suggestion to him & while he was free to blog about anything he desired I asked him to be sure to include a specific number of spelling words in his post. I won't mention a word about what he wrote, because you should truly read it for yourself. If you don't laugh I'm impressed. Mr S nearly lost it when I directed him to Morgan's latest blog post.. Morgan also gave his blog a face lift, he has a few kinks to finish working out, but he has plenty of time to tackle that later.

All in all, not a bad month considering we had an entire week of sickness & a partial week of caring for a sick relative. Our school stuff is finally here so we're looking forward to digging in properly in the weeks ahead!

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