Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week Wrap Up: Week 8

The last few weeks around here have been insanely crazy, & it's kept us jumping pretty quickly. We're so glad that things have calmed down a bit for us as we're finding our rhythm with school this year.

We've officially started Sonlight's Core E, which is the second half of US History for us. The boys are really excited & can't wait to get to the "good part" which for them means Civil War. Especially Jayden. He's really into all things military these days, & is in seventh heaven of late with all the ANZAC day things that are happening. He's especially enjoying the small personal interview with the men that he's seen on television of late.  I like that he sees the other side of the story by listening to the things these men have to say. But I digress..

We've all ready plowed through a few deliciously good reads & are taking a bit longer with a few others. The boys have always enjoyed vocabulary, I think it's the love of using big words in their everyday speech & play. This year, we're using our vocabulary notebooking pages & one or two words from our current read aloud. We may need to invest in a dictionary {much to Morgan's delight}, for now we use

The boys are still enjoying their Grapevine Bible. Their pictures are always interesting, but Morgan's picture of Noah's wife {top} giddy with that smile & Japeth's wife jumping into his arms made me completely crack up. I could not stop giggling about this one complete with flowing hair. Apparently he tried to draw girls with buns in their hair but he felt it was a horrible outcome. We're also using PictureSmart Bible & have moved into Matthew for a time now.  The boys are suppose to be reading bits & pieces on their own as well, but we haven't officially stared that part yet.

Morgan progressed through his first 23 math lessons very quickly. We skipped some here & there as he didn't need to spend time on review at this point. We spent this week messing with percentages as well as some basic algebra. He absolutely loves messing with x's & y's in math. He also really loved messing with percentages & flew through the lesson. He was beyond giddy when he was working with negative numbers last week. He's clearly mathematically inclined!

I'm having Jayden move at a slower pace for a variety of reasons, none of which are due to ability. He's spent time messing with money, & apparently remembers very little of what US money looks like. I suppose that's rather understandable as he was only 3 when we moved. We will hit a point where we'll skip him a head down the track because the child all ready has all his multiplication memorized & this book hasn't hit that yet. However, he's getting some basic review on things he knows but could use practice with.

We're still working through Apologia's Zoology 1. We really enjoyed the first chapter, skipped to insects, but a cold streak came through so we went back to birds & were disappointed with the introduction to birds. I think it might be because we all ready did or knew that information. So we're eager to get to the other information coming up next week. We'll be switching to Biology for the winter & coming back to zoology for the summer.

The above colouring in sheet was in Jayden's science notebook. He worked dutifully away on it & then showed it to Morgan & I with great flourish. Turns out he was making the boy & lady to be the two of us!

Both boys have started an official Language Arts programme this year. They are doing different levels & I'm still working on Morgan's which will be pieced together from two different levels. He has a box of books he's assigned to read with specific amounts to read each day. Copywork & dictation, & then we discuss something that was in his dictation/copywork. Dialogue, commas, adjectives, etc. He also has writing assignments & is learning the mechanics of that. We haven't quite started on the later yet.

Jayden's is similar. His books are clearly different. He doesn't do dictation yet, just copywork. A few weeks off from that this summer & he's reluctant and nervous with copywork again. I'm not entirely surprised as writing is not his strong suit & never been something that's interested him a lot, all though he did request a notebook to write a story in this week. Needless to say he got his notebook. I tend to let Jayden spend the entire week working on his sentence{s} & just going slowly so that his work is beautiful when he's done. As his confidence rises we move at a quicker rate. Unfortunately I've misplaced the cd-rom to our handwriting paper so he's working on normal school paper for now.

After Jayden learns about something in his Language Arts I pull out a printable {if possible} to go along with it. This particular week he learned about pronouns & I grabbed a printable from a Scholastic ebook I picked up a while back during one of their fun sales.  It shows the noun & pronoun as you pull the slip of paper through.

We've also been matching up what they learn in their LA with The Return Of The WordSpy. We love these books & happen to own this particular one. It's always fun to read the portions of this book that apply. Morgan is especially eager to hear all the bits & pieces as he's desperate to write his own story. He's working on one now & I'm quite impressed with the vocabulary he's using in it.

That pretty much wraps up our insanely crazy week. We also did a fair bit of mapping, most of it based around the areas mentioned in By The Great Horn Spoon. We also mapped out a few other places from different books we read this week. The maps for that are picture at the top of this post. I use maps from HSITW Mapping cds. Then I just type the name of the book across the top of the page, & the map number on the bottom. Some books have more then one map so this helps them know which map to grab depending on what we're looking for.

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