Monday, April 9, 2012

Phone Dump

Mr S turns 40 this month & I've been working on his party. We're having a Mystery Party which has a circus theme. We're all very excited & I printed out some RSVP's to hand out. Due to the nature of the party I had to know exactly who was coming & how many in each family. I send some out as e-vites. I'm not keen on e-vites, but sometimes it's a huge time saver.

The boys & I stopped off at local health food store to pick a couple of things up & I was distracted by another store that had a clearance table out front. Upon it were huge ties, funny wigs, & these funky bottle top glasses. I snagged a few of each for the photo booth at the party we were planning. Of course Jayden had to try a pair on as soon as we got home.

Morgan didn't want to be left out of the fun either. I snapped photos of them both with my phone & sent them to Mr S who was at work. He laughed so much over the photos that the rest of the Computer Geeks in the Brain Room at the office all had to have a peek & thus they started laughing too, & since they all pretty much work in the Brain Room it's safe to assume the entire office was laughing.

Excuse the blur! I was so excited to have our curriculum show up last week. There were lots of squeals as the box was opened and everyone was looking at the goodies. Mr S snorted at my snubbing of Aussie pencils for US ones, he'll warm up soon enough. The boys were most impressed with the Character Sketches book & are really eager for me to read some of it to them. I was, of course, most excited by our Sonlight goodies because that's what was holding us up. Can't wait to dig in next week!

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