Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phone Dump

Monday was a rough day for Morgan, he had several medical appointments to deal with. He was fascinated looking at the back of his own eyeball at the Eye Dr, but by the time we left the Dentist a few hours later he was well spent. So we pulled out the phone to try and get him to cheer up.

The Lindt Bunny display in the Harris Scarfe window always gets a lot of attention from us. That bunny is HUGE, & each year Jayden wants to know if he can buy it. He's hard press to understand it's not for sale. It also reminds the boys that they need to pick out Lindt bunnies for Daddy & Nanna. All though I beat them both with that task this year and let the grocery delivery guy bring them to us instead.

Brace yourselves for that photo, huh?! During Jayden's Thursday morning math lesson he complained he'd get all his problems wrong because hair was in his eyes. I avoided rolling mine and escorted him to the kitchen for a quick trim. When I asked him to smile for a photo this was what I got, but I suppose it beats the cow tied to his head, right?

I found the salt dough tomb completely empty and in perfect place the other morning and stood there for five minutes wondering what was going on before I decided to enjoy the moment and snap a photo. The boys have used this tomb for anything and everything since we made it.. one day I found a toy bunny inside, another day a bit of bread.

That's Buster. He's trying to act innocent. He was decidedly ignoring me when I stood right over him {see my shadow} to snap his photo. He received a wicked scolding that day for crawling underneath our front gate in the 10 minute round trip it took us to run Mr S to work one morning. He's since been banned to the gated back yard & is decidedly annoyed with us about it. He prefers to hang in the front yard where he can show off for the seniors who walk past our home, they usually give him bones.

The boys latest obsession, when allowed, is a logic game on a math site. It keeps them quite busy as they plot and plan on how to conquer it. There's also some pretty wild sound effects that cause non-stop laughter, & if you've ever heard the pleasure of Jayden laughing it pretty much means the whole house is laughing.

This was Mr S after his footie team one. Or, more like the morning after his footie team one because we were flat out after watching the game. A nail biter, literally. I was quite put out when I lost two nails to the game & absorbed myself with some reading, but Mr S started wailing they weren't doing as well so I went back to watching the game & they made a terrific come back. Frankly I think if my cheering them on causes such great wins I should get season tickets for life. We're counting down the next two weeks until they come to Tassie.

I love Jayden's morning hair after he's had a bath before climbing into bed. No matter how dry his hair is he always wakes up with quite the "do". I love it. He doesn't always find it as amusing, so I tend to capture it "on film" a bit too often, which equally annoys the poor kid.

We had rainbow smoothies for St Patrick's Day breakfast. It was all different frozen fruits blended with cream and such. I made too much & took the same idea shared over on All Most Unschoolers to put it in a bowl and serve it later as an ice cream style cake. The boys were delighted, all though Morgan is apparently allergic to kiwi because he gets a fuzzy feeling on his tongue from it so we had to pick the green layer out for him. Frankly, I was totally bummed I couldn't have any {milk allergy} because the beach & kiwi layers were my favourites!

Mr S ran across the street last night to have a quick chat with a neighbor/workmate/boss/friend person. While he was gone I flipped on the tv and when Morgan saw his team playing we stopped to watch. I confess, I can't stand the team he barracks for so I became a quick Docker's fan. Morgan was lamenting the first quarter where his team was doing more fighting then playing when I snapped a horribly blurry photo. Never take a photo at the same time you jump up screaming, "GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLL!!" it's not a good combo...

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