Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Old Toys

My parents recently sent us a package {thanks guys!} with some fun old toys in it. Jayden knew his wooden Cranky {Thomas Train version} was coming & every day he'd ask if his package had arrived yet. However, in the package were some older toys that I use to play with that really captivated the boys.

That's right, I use to own Calico Critters, all though I think it was well before they were called Calico Critters, but who knows. Anyway I mentioned something to Mom about them, mostly because I really wondered what on earth the crazy things were called when I was collecting them, & she included the ones I had in the package.

I had the Bear, Mole, & Bunny family & spent many hours using my Little People stuff & major doll house to play with them in. One day the dog got ahold of a couple of them and chewed body parts,  & there after I use to pretend that a couple of the animals had broken bones. What's the first thing my boys do? They quickly remove all the "girlie" clothes & set them to work on Army & Fire trucks. There were instant bad guys {the bears} who stole the Good Guys {bunnies} fire truck. There was a massive chase over the whole issue & eventually the Army {the moles} were called in to help. They captured the Baddies & so the Good Guys treated the Army to tasty fresh worms. Yeah, my poor little animals have never known such a life of excitement! In fact, we had to pop one of the heads off because Jayden was in tears that he'd tied the fire truck's hose around one of the bear's necks & was terrified he'd have to cut his beloved truck to free it. My brother would be proud to know that the boys are now well versed in the ability to pop dolls heads off & have even mastered putting them back on...

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Edwena said...

DD just found Calico Critters last year and loves them. They are so sweet.