Monday, April 2, 2012

Kitchen Disasters

At a local health food store this week we spotted some new "syrups" that are cane sugar free & made from all fruit. The boys were really excited at the thought of topping waffles & pancakes with the stuff. They had quite a few to choose from but we went with blueberry & strawberry. The lady at the counter asked them to come back and tell her how they liked them because it was a new product and she'd not used it before.

So this weekend I made the guys some waffles to try their new find on. They were really puffy and thick because I didn't have enough regular flour so I subbed the rest with coconut flour. That stuff thickens up really quickly so it takes a bit of work to get a proper shaped waffle.

I thought I'd try making some egg & milk free ones as I can't have either of those items, and the results were pure disaster! If you dared to eat the crumbly mess there it's taste wasn't bad, but good golly they stuck like honey to that crazy machine which can't be put in water. Took me forever to clean up the mess & seeing I'd forgotten to put an oil in the batter, & knowing what a disaster that can cause with regular waffles, I tried again. Yeah, my second attempt was just as bad. So, if you're going to make almond flour, egg free, milk free waffles, you'd better just turn them into pancakes.  I confess I was so annoyed I actually nibbled a small piece of the milky eggy waffle, and then totally regretted it when I got itchy, stuffy, & headachy. So much for waffles!


Butterfly said...

The waffle iron is lucky to work another day by the sound of that :) Sorry for you, but it makes me feel better about having experimental cooking disasters!

I am still working out what's in and out, but currently trying dairy free, soy free, almost gluten free, coconut free ... and a few other things. Makes for interesting times! I was sus about eggs but think they may be ok.

Kendra said...

I've always had issues with eggs, as a child it was much worse, & I honestly thought I'd outgrown the problem.. but my recent allergy test showed up positive for egg, dairy, & rice in the food department. I'm not a huge fan of soy so I intentionally avoid it. Plus I have a slow working thyroid which was turned up as well. Environmentally I'm a mess, not surprisingly enough.