Sunday, April 22, 2012

Homemade Games

We all love playing games around here, & when the boys are really creative they make up their own games. I don't mean, pilly nilly made-up nonsense kinda games. I mean, they pull out all the stops & tackle the job head-on.

Morgan once made a game up with 4 full pages of rules. The neighbor's children came over & he asked if they would like to play the game. They all read the rules & played away without a single fight, which proved to me that the rules were clearly well thought out. There was a minor, "can you do that?" and the rules were referred to & the problem was solved by reading the rules. This game was such an inspiration to the neighbours that they went home & made their own lego game.

A few weeks back both boys spent the week working on creating their own games again. The objects of choices lately for the homemade games are either creating their own cards or using lego. Jayden's entire game was constructed of lego, but he did end up needing homemade cards to go with it as his game was based on Clue. In fact, he informed us that it was a Lego version of Clue.

The playing board may seem crude, but each of the areas had a specific name & was on our checklist of places to investigate to figure out who did what where. There was even a front door, attic, swimming pool, & so on. It was the characters that I was less fond of, & I got stuck being the dreaded Batgirl. I mean seriously, I despise Batman & everything Batman"ish". No, I do. I figure anyone dumb enough to live in Gotham really gets what they deserve, but I digress...

I use every opportunity to address spelling issues in our home. It use to be a more tender subject then it is now. Now I hear things like, "Quick get me ... so I can make sure I spelled this right, I really want to surprise Mom!" Morgan did all the drawings for Jayden on the cards, I think they worked together on the spelling. Then they asked Mr S to make the checklists for them. Mr S, the poor man, got a crude lecture on poor penmanship & it was determined that if he was a student in the Solid Rock College he'd have been asked to redo the paper. He was most miffed by our behaviour, so while the boys southed his feelings I whipped up checklists on the computer.

It turned out to be a good thing that we remade the check-lists because we discovered that we had too many weapons compared to people & not enough rooms. So after the boys altered the game they settled on the above weapons. I was really hoping the guitar was going to be the offending weapon because I thought it was the most unique choice.

The game played really well & both boys were extremely pleased with the efforts. All though Jayden shed a few tears when 2 turns in Mr S solved the mystery on a total fluke. He just picked a few random things & when no one turned any up we thought he had some of those cards in his hand, but he became very excited when he said, "Really? No tricks? I might have won?" Jayden's response was, "DAD!! This is NOT suppose to end so quickly. Did you peek?"

The other game was one Morgan made & it was far more complicated so I just sat back and enjoyed watching the guys play. He had no rules written out for it so there were minor complications. I noticed the following day he was content to pack it away & return to the card game he's been perfecting. The boys seem to really enjoy card games such as Club Penguin or Pokemon where the numbers on the cards determine winners per round. Morgan, being great with numbers, set about making an entire deck all his own of Ninjago cards to go with the small deck he all ready owned. It kept the boys busy for hours lamenting & cutting apart, & then playing. It's still a highly sought after game of choice around here all though I've yet to have a go at it.


Tracey said...

I love the homemade games but I just wanted to comment on how much all your guys look alike. They all look like they have the same haircut.

Kendra said...

lol Morgan & Mr S have a smiliar haircut, but Jayden has a bowl cut believe it or not. The all have the same hairdresser though.. Me! ;)