Sunday, April 8, 2012

Breakfast In Bed

This past Friday Mr S had off work & after waking up extremely late the boys asked him if he'd like breakfast. Mr S said he'd get some when he finally got up, but the boys were eager for him to get up immediately & finally decided if they made him breakfast they'd get him rolling.

They left the room to conspire together  & came back to take his order of 2 scrambled eggs, toast, & bacon. They asked if I wanted some & assured them I was good to go.

There was a whole lot of commotion in the kitchen before Jayden came running back squealing, "Dad come quick I need help!" Mr S is more prone to fly out of bed, but before he could I said, "What exactly do you need?" 'Someone to crack the eggs for me!"

I pointed out, very calmly, that he could crack the eggs himself or ask his brother to, but that he really didn't need to consider that an emergency. Jayden returned to the kitchen & there was a lot more commotion before he returned again & stated that once again they needed help. This time, apparently, he'd completely forgotten the proper way to cook a scrambled egg & he utterly refused to ask Morgan for help because, "He only knows how to cook those egg sandwich eggs."

Mr S took himself to the kitchen to assist. He even took the time to get fully dressed before going to help them. He then returns a few minutes later and crawls back in bed. I ask why on earth he came back to bed when he informed me that he was under strict orders to go back to bed so he could have a proper breakfast in bed. He also whispered that they forgot to actually scramble the eggs which had us laughing insanely when Morgan walked in with the napkin tucked in his pj shirt to announce that the breakfast was now prepared. Jayden, without a napkin tucked in to his shirt, came running in a few minutes later stating that he had the chocolate milk to go along with the breakfast.

They even chose to serve it on a "special" plate, & clearly despite the darkness of the photo even the dog thought it smelled good as he decided to sit and beg the entire time Mr S was consuming the food. The boys apologised many times for not providing me with some but since they knew I was allergic to the eggs, the bacon, & the milk in the bread they didn't figure I would mind. They brought me a banana on a plate instead.  And so it was with joyful spirits & full tummies that Mr S & I were finally permitted leave of our room & walked into the kitchen to discover

This! After I stopped laughing I had vivid memories of the chapter in Beezus & Ramona wher ethey get stuck cooking dinner after complaining about the cow tongue they are fed. Yeah, they made a great hash at trying to get out of it, then sucked it up and made dinner with chicken and yogurt & other such things. They hung a curtain in the kitchen doorway, lit candles, & everyone pronounced the meal delicious & the punishment fulfilled. Their parents then offered to clean up the kitchen... until they pulled the curtain down. Yeah, Our kitchen looked a lot like that. The stove was equally trashed with so many pots on top of it, I've no idea why though. Mr S was pleased enough with his food he offered to clean the whole thing up.. you know, after he stopped laughing at the insanity of it.

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