Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bible Fun

A year or two ago I learned about something called The Picture Smart Bible & was really intrigued by it. I snagged the free samples, but never ended up using them.

The idea behind them is that you read through your Bible & fill out small tidbits on each page as you go along. Or, I suppose you could do the whole page at once & simply discuss the key elements from the book that your doing.

We're choosing to read a chapter of John a day and then fill in the accompanying part of the paper that corresponds to what we read. The boys are still reasonably familiar with most of it because of just studying the New Testament last year, but I'm praying this helps cement it all for them while they study the Old Testament this year with Grapevine. Yes, I'm doing a page too. I love the way it all ties things together.

Morgan surprised me & struggled with this at first. He's a huge sketched & doodler so I thought he'd really enjoy the student page where you can sketch the tuff in over the dotted lines. He was a little frustrated at first because he felt he couldn't cover the lines up completely, that & on day 1 we drew in Jesus & he's very tiny on the page. He was happy with his final job though.

Jayden took it all much more in stride which really surprised me. He's big on colouring in these days so I wasn't surprised on that part, but he often gets frustrated if he can't make it look like the "real one", but  I think the light lines to trace really helped him make it just how he wanted it.  I'm excited to see how our pages will look when we reach the end of the John!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful. I have downloaded the freebies and will be using them soon..

Thank You!