Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lest We Forget

The boys, especially Jayden, were enthralled that there was an ANZAC display at the local library. They were full of questions that the poor librarians couldn't answer. They tried to point them to the ANZAC books, but the boys told them they didn't need books on the subject they owned plenty. Jayden is giddy with excitement to watch the march tomorrow. We didn't make our annual poppies, but we're making our ANZAC Biscuits. Jayden debated making enough to take to the RSL, but decided he'd settle for making enough to take to Mr S's work where a former soldier works. He wanted to mail some to his Uncle as well, a recently returned soldier, but I told him that the biscuits wouldn't make it through quarantine. Needless to say we won't be forgetting, but much thanks will be given.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Homemade Games

We all love playing games around here, & when the boys are really creative they make up their own games. I don't mean, pilly nilly made-up nonsense kinda games. I mean, they pull out all the stops & tackle the job head-on.

Morgan once made a game up with 4 full pages of rules. The neighbor's children came over & he asked if they would like to play the game. They all read the rules & played away without a single fight, which proved to me that the rules were clearly well thought out. There was a minor, "can you do that?" and the rules were referred to & the problem was solved by reading the rules. This game was such an inspiration to the neighbours that they went home & made their own lego game.

A few weeks back both boys spent the week working on creating their own games again. The objects of choices lately for the homemade games are either creating their own cards or using lego. Jayden's entire game was constructed of lego, but he did end up needing homemade cards to go with it as his game was based on Clue. In fact, he informed us that it was a Lego version of Clue.

The playing board may seem crude, but each of the areas had a specific name & was on our checklist of places to investigate to figure out who did what where. There was even a front door, attic, swimming pool, & so on. It was the characters that I was less fond of, & I got stuck being the dreaded Batgirl. I mean seriously, I despise Batman & everything Batman"ish". No, I do. I figure anyone dumb enough to live in Gotham really gets what they deserve, but I digress...

I use every opportunity to address spelling issues in our home. It use to be a more tender subject then it is now. Now I hear things like, "Quick get me ... so I can make sure I spelled this right, I really want to surprise Mom!" Morgan did all the drawings for Jayden on the cards, I think they worked together on the spelling. Then they asked Mr S to make the checklists for them. Mr S, the poor man, got a crude lecture on poor penmanship & it was determined that if he was a student in the Solid Rock College he'd have been asked to redo the paper. He was most miffed by our behaviour, so while the boys southed his feelings I whipped up checklists on the computer.

It turned out to be a good thing that we remade the check-lists because we discovered that we had too many weapons compared to people & not enough rooms. So after the boys altered the game they settled on the above weapons. I was really hoping the guitar was going to be the offending weapon because I thought it was the most unique choice.

The game played really well & both boys were extremely pleased with the efforts. All though Jayden shed a few tears when 2 turns in Mr S solved the mystery on a total fluke. He just picked a few random things & when no one turned any up we thought he had some of those cards in his hand, but he became very excited when he said, "Really? No tricks? I might have won?" Jayden's response was, "DAD!! This is NOT suppose to end so quickly. Did you peek?"

The other game was one Morgan made & it was far more complicated so I just sat back and enjoyed watching the guys play. He had no rules written out for it so there were minor complications. I noticed the following day he was content to pack it away & return to the card game he's been perfecting. The boys seem to really enjoy card games such as Club Penguin or Pokemon where the numbers on the cards determine winners per round. Morgan, being great with numbers, set about making an entire deck all his own of Ninjago cards to go with the small deck he all ready owned. It kept the boys busy for hours lamenting & cutting apart, & then playing. It's still a highly sought after game of choice around here all though I've yet to have a go at it.

Week Wrap Up: Week 8

The last few weeks around here have been insanely crazy, & it's kept us jumping pretty quickly. We're so glad that things have calmed down a bit for us as we're finding our rhythm with school this year.

We've officially started Sonlight's Core E, which is the second half of US History for us. The boys are really excited & can't wait to get to the "good part" which for them means Civil War. Especially Jayden. He's really into all things military these days, & is in seventh heaven of late with all the ANZAC day things that are happening. He's especially enjoying the small personal interview with the men that he's seen on television of late.  I like that he sees the other side of the story by listening to the things these men have to say. But I digress..

We've all ready plowed through a few deliciously good reads & are taking a bit longer with a few others. The boys have always enjoyed vocabulary, I think it's the love of using big words in their everyday speech & play. This year, we're using our vocabulary notebooking pages & one or two words from our current read aloud. We may need to invest in a dictionary {much to Morgan's delight}, for now we use Dictionary.com.

The boys are still enjoying their Grapevine Bible. Their pictures are always interesting, but Morgan's picture of Noah's wife {top} giddy with that smile & Japeth's wife jumping into his arms made me completely crack up. I could not stop giggling about this one complete with flowing hair. Apparently he tried to draw girls with buns in their hair but he felt it was a horrible outcome. We're also using PictureSmart Bible & have moved into Matthew for a time now.  The boys are suppose to be reading bits & pieces on their own as well, but we haven't officially stared that part yet.

Morgan progressed through his first 23 math lessons very quickly. We skipped some here & there as he didn't need to spend time on review at this point. We spent this week messing with percentages as well as some basic algebra. He absolutely loves messing with x's & y's in math. He also really loved messing with percentages & flew through the lesson. He was beyond giddy when he was working with negative numbers last week. He's clearly mathematically inclined!

I'm having Jayden move at a slower pace for a variety of reasons, none of which are due to ability. He's spent time messing with money, & apparently remembers very little of what US money looks like. I suppose that's rather understandable as he was only 3 when we moved. We will hit a point where we'll skip him a head down the track because the child all ready has all his multiplication memorized & this book hasn't hit that yet. However, he's getting some basic review on things he knows but could use practice with.

We're still working through Apologia's Zoology 1. We really enjoyed the first chapter, skipped to insects, but a cold streak came through so we went back to birds & were disappointed with the introduction to birds. I think it might be because we all ready did or knew that information. So we're eager to get to the other information coming up next week. We'll be switching to Biology for the winter & coming back to zoology for the summer.

The above colouring in sheet was in Jayden's science notebook. He worked dutifully away on it & then showed it to Morgan & I with great flourish. Turns out he was making the boy & lady to be the two of us!

Both boys have started an official Language Arts programme this year. They are doing different levels & I'm still working on Morgan's which will be pieced together from two different levels. He has a box of books he's assigned to read with specific amounts to read each day. Copywork & dictation, & then we discuss something that was in his dictation/copywork. Dialogue, commas, adjectives, etc. He also has writing assignments & is learning the mechanics of that. We haven't quite started on the later yet.

Jayden's is similar. His books are clearly different. He doesn't do dictation yet, just copywork. A few weeks off from that this summer & he's reluctant and nervous with copywork again. I'm not entirely surprised as writing is not his strong suit & never been something that's interested him a lot, all though he did request a notebook to write a story in this week. Needless to say he got his notebook. I tend to let Jayden spend the entire week working on his sentence{s} & just going slowly so that his work is beautiful when he's done. As his confidence rises we move at a quicker rate. Unfortunately I've misplaced the cd-rom to our handwriting paper so he's working on normal school paper for now.

After Jayden learns about something in his Language Arts I pull out a printable {if possible} to go along with it. This particular week he learned about pronouns & I grabbed a printable from a Scholastic ebook I picked up a while back during one of their fun sales.  It shows the noun & pronoun as you pull the slip of paper through.

We've also been matching up what they learn in their LA with The Return Of The WordSpy. We love these books & happen to own this particular one. It's always fun to read the portions of this book that apply. Morgan is especially eager to hear all the bits & pieces as he's desperate to write his own story. He's working on one now & I'm quite impressed with the vocabulary he's using in it.

That pretty much wraps up our insanely crazy week. We also did a fair bit of mapping, most of it based around the areas mentioned in By The Great Horn Spoon. We also mapped out a few other places from different books we read this week. The maps for that are picture at the top of this post. I use maps from HSITW Mapping cds. Then I just type the name of the book across the top of the page, & the map number on the bottom. Some books have more then one map so this helps them know which map to grab depending on what we're looking for.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time Traveler Reviews

Our latest review is up over at The Curriculum Choice. We chose to write about the amazing Time Traveler Cds from Homeschool in the Woods. Last year we used 4 of them, & this year we're using the final 3 {even though my article actually said 2..} the boys are really excited to get going on the Civil War cd which we start next week, & honestly I'm excited to begin it too!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bible Fun

A year or two ago I learned about something called The Picture Smart Bible & was really intrigued by it. I snagged the free samples, but never ended up using them.

The idea behind them is that you read through your Bible & fill out small tidbits on each page as you go along. Or, I suppose you could do the whole page at once & simply discuss the key elements from the book that your doing.

We're choosing to read a chapter of John a day and then fill in the accompanying part of the paper that corresponds to what we read. The boys are still reasonably familiar with most of it because of just studying the New Testament last year, but I'm praying this helps cement it all for them while they study the Old Testament this year with Grapevine. Yes, I'm doing a page too. I love the way it all ties things together.

Morgan surprised me & struggled with this at first. He's a huge sketched & doodler so I thought he'd really enjoy the student page where you can sketch the tuff in over the dotted lines. He was a little frustrated at first because he felt he couldn't cover the lines up completely, that & on day 1 we drew in Jesus & he's very tiny on the page. He was happy with his final job though.

Jayden took it all much more in stride which really surprised me. He's big on colouring in these days so I wasn't surprised on that part, but he often gets frustrated if he can't make it look like the "real one", but  I think the light lines to trace really helped him make it just how he wanted it.  I'm excited to see how our pages will look when we reach the end of the John!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Phone Dump

Mr S turns 40 this month & I've been working on his party. We're having a Mystery Party which has a circus theme. We're all very excited & I printed out some RSVP's to hand out. Due to the nature of the party I had to know exactly who was coming & how many in each family. I send some out as e-vites. I'm not keen on e-vites, but sometimes it's a huge time saver.

The boys & I stopped off at local health food store to pick a couple of things up & I was distracted by another store that had a clearance table out front. Upon it were huge ties, funny wigs, & these funky bottle top glasses. I snagged a few of each for the photo booth at the party we were planning. Of course Jayden had to try a pair on as soon as we got home.

Morgan didn't want to be left out of the fun either. I snapped photos of them both with my phone & sent them to Mr S who was at work. He laughed so much over the photos that the rest of the Computer Geeks in the Brain Room at the office all had to have a peek & thus they started laughing too, & since they all pretty much work in the Brain Room it's safe to assume the entire office was laughing.

Excuse the blur! I was so excited to have our curriculum show up last week. There were lots of squeals as the box was opened and everyone was looking at the goodies. Mr S snorted at my snubbing of Aussie pencils for US ones, he'll warm up soon enough. The boys were most impressed with the Character Sketches book & are really eager for me to read some of it to them. I was, of course, most excited by our Sonlight goodies because that's what was holding us up. Can't wait to dig in next week!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Breakfast In Bed

This past Friday Mr S had off work & after waking up extremely late the boys asked him if he'd like breakfast. Mr S said he'd get some when he finally got up, but the boys were eager for him to get up immediately & finally decided if they made him breakfast they'd get him rolling.

They left the room to conspire together  & came back to take his order of 2 scrambled eggs, toast, & bacon. They asked if I wanted some & assured them I was good to go.

There was a whole lot of commotion in the kitchen before Jayden came running back squealing, "Dad come quick I need help!" Mr S is more prone to fly out of bed, but before he could I said, "What exactly do you need?" 'Someone to crack the eggs for me!"

I pointed out, very calmly, that he could crack the eggs himself or ask his brother to, but that he really didn't need to consider that an emergency. Jayden returned to the kitchen & there was a lot more commotion before he returned again & stated that once again they needed help. This time, apparently, he'd completely forgotten the proper way to cook a scrambled egg & he utterly refused to ask Morgan for help because, "He only knows how to cook those egg sandwich eggs."

Mr S took himself to the kitchen to assist. He even took the time to get fully dressed before going to help them. He then returns a few minutes later and crawls back in bed. I ask why on earth he came back to bed when he informed me that he was under strict orders to go back to bed so he could have a proper breakfast in bed. He also whispered that they forgot to actually scramble the eggs which had us laughing insanely when Morgan walked in with the napkin tucked in his pj shirt to announce that the breakfast was now prepared. Jayden, without a napkin tucked in to his shirt, came running in a few minutes later stating that he had the chocolate milk to go along with the breakfast.

They even chose to serve it on a "special" plate, & clearly despite the darkness of the photo even the dog thought it smelled good as he decided to sit and beg the entire time Mr S was consuming the food. The boys apologised many times for not providing me with some but since they knew I was allergic to the eggs, the bacon, & the milk in the bread they didn't figure I would mind. They brought me a banana on a plate instead.  And so it was with joyful spirits & full tummies that Mr S & I were finally permitted leave of our room & walked into the kitchen to discover

This! After I stopped laughing I had vivid memories of the chapter in Beezus & Ramona wher ethey get stuck cooking dinner after complaining about the cow tongue they are fed. Yeah, they made a great hash at trying to get out of it, then sucked it up and made dinner with chicken and yogurt & other such things. They hung a curtain in the kitchen doorway, lit candles, & everyone pronounced the meal delicious & the punishment fulfilled. Their parents then offered to clean up the kitchen... until they pulled the curtain down. Yeah, Our kitchen looked a lot like that. The stove was equally trashed with so many pots on top of it, I've no idea why though. Mr S was pleased enough with his food he offered to clean the whole thing up.. you know, after he stopped laughing at the insanity of it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Rest of March

So, I said I was going to do away with the Weekly Wrap Up and replace it with the Monthly memories, but truth be told I had a hard time to try and recap an entire month. So much can happen that it's far more difficult then just quickly posting a few pictures so we can remember what happened at the end of our week. We love looking back over things, so we're back to weekly recaps.. or something like that.

This month has continued to be a building up to all of our school work as we continued to await the final bits and bobs of our school year to arrive.

The boys, got cracking on their new math curriculum, Saxon, & made huge strides with it. To be honest, they've not hit much they don't know yet. For Jayden I'm having him go lesson by lesson, where as Morgan is skipping most of the review things and buzzing ahead to lessons I feel he needs more concentration on. However, the larger mental math problems are new to them.

We plowed through more books, some loved some not so much. We all enjoyed Freedom Crossing which is the tale of a young escaped slave trying to reach Canada. The Twenty One Balloons managed a few snickers, but over all wasn't as enjoyed. In fact, Jayden, still not feeling 100%, fell asleep for the end of the book. Secret of The Andes wasn't truly enjoyed by any of us. It had a sad feel to it, but we made it to the end. I think the boys will appreciate it more when we hit our South America unit this coming week. We also listened to Mr Poppers Penguins {again} which always elicits heaps of laughter. We've begun Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets. Morgan asked if I'd read it aloud to them. Jayden wasn't keen on the idea, but he's the one hanging on my every word. I still stink at replicating a British accent, but the boys aren't caring too much.

We enjoyed reading Phoebe The Spy for our study of George Washington. This was a book one of the boys was required to read last year, but they got sidetracked with some other books. So I read it aloud to them. It's about a young free black girl who goes undercover to help foil an assassination plot on General George Washington. The boys were delighted to find out you could still go to NYC and pop into the cavern that Phoebe & her father owned. We also had a few giggles when we found out poor Martha missed George's inauguration speech due to traffic.

That kinda wraps us up. We've been reading through Herein Is Love: Genesis to match our Grapevine Bible. It may be a bit over Jayden's head so we may lay it aside for a while & come back to it later. Or, I may use it to catch some of the other lessons that Grapevine doesn't cover. We'll see. Spelling took a back seat when both boys hit lessons that tripped them up considerably. We've also decided to switch Morgan to Sequential Spelling for a few reasons. His books are currently speeding towards us & I'm very excited about it. He wasn't too impressed when I mentioned I was changing his spelling curriculum, but I really think he'll enjoy it.

Science has been stalemated since Jayden fell ill. Shamefully we've had the same Nature Walk Scavenger hunt planned for 3 Fridays in a row only to be foiled with rain. Seriously, we might have to go on a different afternoon because at this rate we'll never get that Scavenger Hunt done. We're still working through Zoology 1. We're actually thinking of switching to Biology for the cooler months & finishing up Zoology in the warmer months when the life we're learning about will be more active to see.

Morgan's excited to be putting his typing to use over on his blog. He's only had one opportunity to blog since I made the suggestion to him & while he was free to blog about anything he desired I asked him to be sure to include a specific number of spelling words in his post. I won't mention a word about what he wrote, because you should truly read it for yourself. If you don't laugh I'm impressed. Mr S nearly lost it when I directed him to Morgan's latest blog post.. Morgan also gave his blog a face lift, he has a few kinks to finish working out, but he has plenty of time to tackle that later.

All in all, not a bad month considering we had an entire week of sickness & a partial week of caring for a sick relative. Our school stuff is finally here so we're looking forward to digging in properly in the weeks ahead!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Math Fun

I haven't posted much about math games or anything like that over the past year. We had our major revamp last year with school & I just needed the break from being overly involved in a lot of things, as well as making sure that the kids had no gaps in their learning. Both boys survived the year & enjoyed it as well! They learned that someone besides Mom is quite capable of teaching them, & we had a lot of great laughs with the programme we used.

This year, however, I decided to switch from Teaching Textbooks to Saxon math. There were a lot of reasons for this, one of the biggest was that I felt Teaching Textbooks was just too easy for Morgan who seems very math inclined. While I had hope to fill gaps last year, it was apparent he had very few & honestly the child flew through the math he had with little problems.  When I looked at the Math 5 I just didn't feel it would be beefy enough to hold him & I wasn't sure I wanted to put him in Math 6 for a variety of reasons.

Saxon has always been a number one choice amongst homeschoolers, be it a hated programme or a loved one. While I wasn't as keen on it in the younger grades because of it's excessive scripted lessons, I won't deny that while we used it Morgan learned a great deal from it. It was also my crutch as I hobbled along with Living Math lessons when we first started down that road.

I pulled on a placement test from their website {also available at the CBD website} and was pleased to see that both boys would be able to use the middle grade series. I was pleased with this because I wasn't interested in the younger grades at this time.  One of my big reasons for choosing this curriculum, aside from the beefy"ness" of it, is that they make a homeschool version! Did you know this? It's true, they do!!

The homeschool version even has lecture DVDs you can get to accopmany the book if you want, but as I understand it the lecture DVDs are exactly the same as the information in the beginning of each lesson. For now, I'm content to take back over teaching the math lessons so we skipped the DVD lecture. I may change my mind on this, to give Morgan more experience with someone else teaching him, down the road.

The really fun thing about being back with Saxon at this level is that we can learn our lessons by games again. Last year, we played very few games as I really wanted the boys to use the curriculum we purchased and not change it around in anyway. We did that. We were very happy with our year. This year, I wanted to be a little more involved, especially with Jayden's math. Not because he's lacking or struggling, but because it dawned on me that he didn't get to play some of the games that Morgan learned with.

Because I'm back to teaching the boys their math lessons again it's also easy for me to pick up instantly on where they are struggling & why. For instance, Morgan is honestly amazing with numbers. He truly wows me. Each lesson starts with mental math & often this child can answer the mental math question before I finish reading it out to him & it takes me a moment to come out of one mode into another thus feeling like I'm way behind him in finding the answer. However, this child is easily distracted.

We have a beautiful large farmhouse style table where we work. I teach one child a lesson, assign him problems, & set him to work. Then I teach the other one, assign him problems, & set him to work. While Jayden can sit there while I walk and move around him teaching Morgan a lesson, Morgan can't handle it in reverse. He's easily distracted to watch us, listen in, pipe up with his opinion or answers, etc. This can lead to careless mistakes. He was meant to discover what Y was in his work, and because he copied the problem down into his notebook, looked away to watch me teach Jayden, he looked back and circled part of the problem presuming he'd all ready found the answer.

It'll be a small learning curve for him to learn to concentrate and find his groove. He does have a desk in his room he could retreat to, but he doesn't like to be alone. I'd suggest he turn on his ipod, but heaven knows what that might lead to! Again, all this to say that I can easily pinpoint when he's distracted making simple/foolish mistakes vs when he doesn't grasp a concept.

We've also been doing flahcards this year. I shared the triangle ones we made. On top of the flash cards each day the boys also do a fact sheet. This is something Saxon has done with the children from the very start, & while it drove me insane in the younger years, I love it now. My boys were hesitant when I pulled out a sheet with 100 Addition facts on it the first day, but I approached it as a challenge for them. My words were, "We're going to do this page each day until we can beat our own time & have a new high record!"

So each day they sit down and to the page shortly after flashcards. Each child started with their fact page on different days to give them a little one-on-one to accomplish it in. The first day for each student was disastrous in regards to time. Within a week they'd each shaved off whole minutes from their work & were getting 99% of the facts right.

Interestingly enough they remember all the short cuts for certain math facts, & it's also evident in each of them which fact families they need the most practice with. Because of this we decided to stick with just a couple fact families in our flash cards for now until we are up to speed on those. Then we will add in another fact family & so on until we are really quick at all of them.

Thursdays I do the writing on their fact sheets for them. This gives me a much better view of how quick they are with their facts. They can know the answer really quickly, but it can slow them down to have to write it down. So on Thursdays they sit with me & just shout out the answers while I scribble down their answers. Of course Jayden cost himself 30 seconds recently when he pointed out I'd written the wrong answer under one of his problems. Whooops!

We now only do our Saxon math on Monday through Thursday. Friday is saved, especially, for games I know they'll need to boost certain skills & some fun new games to encourage skills they'll be learning. I have a few I just can't wait to try out with them. Do you think my neighbors will mind if I make a number line from negative 10 to positive 10 in the road?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Old Toys

My parents recently sent us a package {thanks guys!} with some fun old toys in it. Jayden knew his wooden Cranky {Thomas Train version} was coming & every day he'd ask if his package had arrived yet. However, in the package were some older toys that I use to play with that really captivated the boys.

That's right, I use to own Calico Critters, all though I think it was well before they were called Calico Critters, but who knows. Anyway I mentioned something to Mom about them, mostly because I really wondered what on earth the crazy things were called when I was collecting them, & she included the ones I had in the package.

I had the Bear, Mole, & Bunny family & spent many hours using my Little People stuff & major doll house to play with them in. One day the dog got ahold of a couple of them and chewed body parts,  & there after I use to pretend that a couple of the animals had broken bones. What's the first thing my boys do? They quickly remove all the "girlie" clothes & set them to work on Army & Fire trucks. There were instant bad guys {the bears} who stole the Good Guys {bunnies} fire truck. There was a massive chase over the whole issue & eventually the Army {the moles} were called in to help. They captured the Baddies & so the Good Guys treated the Army to tasty fresh worms. Yeah, my poor little animals have never known such a life of excitement! In fact, we had to pop one of the heads off because Jayden was in tears that he'd tied the fire truck's hose around one of the bear's necks & was terrified he'd have to cut his beloved truck to free it. My brother would be proud to know that the boys are now well versed in the ability to pop dolls heads off & have even mastered putting them back on...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kitchen Disasters

At a local health food store this week we spotted some new "syrups" that are cane sugar free & made from all fruit. The boys were really excited at the thought of topping waffles & pancakes with the stuff. They had quite a few to choose from but we went with blueberry & strawberry. The lady at the counter asked them to come back and tell her how they liked them because it was a new product and she'd not used it before.

So this weekend I made the guys some waffles to try their new find on. They were really puffy and thick because I didn't have enough regular flour so I subbed the rest with coconut flour. That stuff thickens up really quickly so it takes a bit of work to get a proper shaped waffle.

I thought I'd try making some egg & milk free ones as I can't have either of those items, and the results were pure disaster! If you dared to eat the crumbly mess there it's taste wasn't bad, but good golly they stuck like honey to that crazy machine which can't be put in water. Took me forever to clean up the mess & seeing I'd forgotten to put an oil in the batter, & knowing what a disaster that can cause with regular waffles, I tried again. Yeah, my second attempt was just as bad. So, if you're going to make almond flour, egg free, milk free waffles, you'd better just turn them into pancakes.  I confess I was so annoyed I actually nibbled a small piece of the milky eggy waffle, and then totally regretted it when I got itchy, stuffy, & headachy. So much for waffles!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phone Dump

Monday was a rough day for Morgan, he had several medical appointments to deal with. He was fascinated looking at the back of his own eyeball at the Eye Dr, but by the time we left the Dentist a few hours later he was well spent. So we pulled out the phone to try and get him to cheer up.

The Lindt Bunny display in the Harris Scarfe window always gets a lot of attention from us. That bunny is HUGE, & each year Jayden wants to know if he can buy it. He's hard press to understand it's not for sale. It also reminds the boys that they need to pick out Lindt bunnies for Daddy & Nanna. All though I beat them both with that task this year and let the grocery delivery guy bring them to us instead.

Brace yourselves for that photo, huh?! During Jayden's Thursday morning math lesson he complained he'd get all his problems wrong because hair was in his eyes. I avoided rolling mine and escorted him to the kitchen for a quick trim. When I asked him to smile for a photo this was what I got, but I suppose it beats the cow tied to his head, right?

I found the salt dough tomb completely empty and in perfect place the other morning and stood there for five minutes wondering what was going on before I decided to enjoy the moment and snap a photo. The boys have used this tomb for anything and everything since we made it.. one day I found a toy bunny inside, another day a bit of bread.

That's Buster. He's trying to act innocent. He was decidedly ignoring me when I stood right over him {see my shadow} to snap his photo. He received a wicked scolding that day for crawling underneath our front gate in the 10 minute round trip it took us to run Mr S to work one morning. He's since been banned to the gated back yard & is decidedly annoyed with us about it. He prefers to hang in the front yard where he can show off for the seniors who walk past our home, they usually give him bones.

The boys latest obsession, when allowed, is a logic game on a math site. It keeps them quite busy as they plot and plan on how to conquer it. There's also some pretty wild sound effects that cause non-stop laughter, & if you've ever heard the pleasure of Jayden laughing it pretty much means the whole house is laughing.

This was Mr S after his footie team one. Or, more like the morning after his footie team one because we were flat out after watching the game. A nail biter, literally. I was quite put out when I lost two nails to the game & absorbed myself with some reading, but Mr S started wailing they weren't doing as well so I went back to watching the game & they made a terrific come back. Frankly I think if my cheering them on causes such great wins I should get season tickets for life. We're counting down the next two weeks until they come to Tassie.

I love Jayden's morning hair after he's had a bath before climbing into bed. No matter how dry his hair is he always wakes up with quite the "do". I love it. He doesn't always find it as amusing, so I tend to capture it "on film" a bit too often, which equally annoys the poor kid.

We had rainbow smoothies for St Patrick's Day breakfast. It was all different frozen fruits blended with cream and such. I made too much & took the same idea shared over on All Most Unschoolers to put it in a bowl and serve it later as an ice cream style cake. The boys were delighted, all though Morgan is apparently allergic to kiwi because he gets a fuzzy feeling on his tongue from it so we had to pick the green layer out for him. Frankly, I was totally bummed I couldn't have any {milk allergy} because the beach & kiwi layers were my favourites!

Mr S ran across the street last night to have a quick chat with a neighbor/workmate/boss/friend person. While he was gone I flipped on the tv and when Morgan saw his team playing we stopped to watch. I confess, I can't stand the team he barracks for so I became a quick Docker's fan. Morgan was lamenting the first quarter where his team was doing more fighting then playing when I snapped a horribly blurry photo. Never take a photo at the same time you jump up screaming, "GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLL!!" it's not a good combo...