Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week Three

It's been a busier week around here for us, mostly with the comings and goings of various peoples & some slower starts to our days. We also had a really rough Monday that I hope we don't repeat anytime soon.

However, we're fitting into our routine pretty well & were able to add in a bit more this week. All though, it's hard because while we fit in more we're also still tapping our toes while we await the arrival of our new math books. Here's hoping they don't get caught up in Customs along the way!

In the meantime we're still plucking away with a few other math related things in the house & will probably hit some of our favourite math games for the majority of next week!

Jayden started back to his Sonlight Language Arts this week. I really love this little programme! We started using it late last year with Jayden. Morgan's grade level never showed up to my dissapointment, so I've ordered it for this year and he'll start it when it arrives. On top of having required reading, there's copywork, grammar, and applied writing. I love it's gentleness & the familiar feeling it has as it's very similar to the grammar we did with FIAR.

Both boys are back into spelling too. Jayden's spelling book arrived on Friday of last week & there was much whooping and hooraying. No joke. He was eager to pull it out Monday morning & even more eager for his first post-test on Friday. He did awesome. Ignore the class clown in the photo, it's pretty normal.. Morgan is doing well with his spelling too, all though I've noticed that despite acing pre-tests and post-tests he still spells words very funny in his everyday writing. For instance, this week he spelled yourself & aced it on the pretest & post-test. Then proceeded to leave us a note on the whiteboard that read, "I got yor back!" I saw it and said, "Morgan!! Fix that right now, if you can ace a spelling test you can leave me notes spelled correctly." Shame on me, he broke down in tears. Sigh.. Spelling is a bit of an issue between he and I.

We read The Ballad Of Lucy Whipple this week {full review coming later} as a tie in to the California Gold Rush. One of the first topics we'll cover when we start up with our Sonlight this year. We grazed over it last year, so reading a few extra books now will be good for them. We also did a book report after finishing it with a little Scholastic Paper we scored during their $1 sale. Oh my, the paper might be good, but it's SMALL. As in there's little room for writing and it made it really hard for the boys to fit in what they were saying, & Morgan writes tiny no less!! They both enjoyed doing it, but we'll stick with our normal papers & other ideas for this type of thing in the future. I prefer they just narrate it to me anyway, I so enjoy hearing their take on the books. We need to reinstall our Green Bowl Book Club.

One reason we're reviewing the California Gold Rush is because I'm also reading to the boys about the Klondike Gold Rush, something they won't touch on this year {to my knowledge} & I think it's important enough to learn about. Or, just downright interesting! All though reading about the Klondike makes me sing the old song, "What would you do for a Klondike bar.." pity I can't purchase those hear because I'd be tempted to just for the thematic'ness' of the lessons. Anyway, we're enjoying both of these books {more details coming later} & doing some lapbook pieces notebook style that go along with the Gold Fever book. The boys are really enjoying both of these books as well.

We didn't tackle as much science this week as I had aimed for, but that's okay. We did tackle a science experiment that was holding us up. The boys made two gliders with different sized wings and then flew them over and over to see which one flew better. They really enjoyed this experiment & after they finished lessons that day they had a blast using the gliders outback for hours. In fact I'm pretty sure even our neighbors will now understand all the principles to thrust, lift, & drag.

And that pretty much wraps up our week. Plenty of free play, as always. This weeks favourites were army men. Jayden's top passion is to spend hours upon hours setting them up & then stand back in awe and look at his creation. There were tears this week when I accidentally bumped a line with my vacuum. Which was followed by shock when I walked into the kitchen one day to see every single part of our dinning room table covered with the little green and brown men. It was a serious work of art. By the time I returned with the camera he'd had an epic war where they all died. I'm hoping to find him some wooden or plastic Civil War soldiers for our next big study. I'd love to get him little tin soldiers, but the ones no longer made of lead are a few hundred dollars each. A bit much!

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Thanks so much for mentioning that pg. from Scholastic. It looks great and I just picked it up from Scholastic for $1 as well.