Friday, March 9, 2012

Presidential Study

One of the things I wanted to cover with the boys this year was the US Presidents. If we hadn't made our final curriculum switch they would have. I figured it didn't really matter, we could do something really simplistic and make our way through all the Presidents {or nearly all of them} before we reached the end of our school year.

After compiling the information I wanted the boys to cover I decided to enhance our Presidential Notebooking pages. We all ready have some that we used ages ago with the boys, but we never quite made it through all the presidents. When I printed a few off to use with George Washington I found that the lines on them were just too big for the boys. They no longer needed such wide primary ruled pages. Hooray!

I did a quick assessment of the things we're jotting down & the things I want the boys to include. I like to keep heavier things mixed with lighter things. You know, major issues the presidents might have had to deal with mixed with the pets they might have owned. And boy howdy did they own some funny pets!

I have one child who doesn't mind writing a bit & another who's not as keen on it. Both boys are being pushed pretty hard with their school this year in regards to writing & because I want to keep this quick and simple each day, the page I created this time is a bit more fill in the blank. I know this way they'll record a significant amount of information with the least amount of complaints. We gave these pages a test-run today & the boys filled it out about themselves as if they were presidents. It was an absolute laugh a minute here. My children find important issues in the world to be things like Banishing Broccoli & Potty Training babies at birth. Good luck boys, good luck.

If you want to download the pages you can find them here. Looking for the old Presidential Notebooking pages, they are here.

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