Sunday, March 25, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

My husband shocked me with an iphone on Wednesday & while this photo wasn't taken then it's kinda how I looked. That photo was actually taken while I was making Friday night's dinner. I was just a little crazed, can you tell?

Jayden recouped reasonably well by Thursday & after we read our Read Aloud he set off to his very favourite thing to play.. toy soldiers. He spends hours upon hours setting these things up, & then usually asks us all to come check them out before one key soldier blows everything up.

Sometimes he just leaves them set up on the table and asks us all to admire them as we go about our daily business. Notice the few knocked over? They were casualities. Despite the British flag on the side there's been a lot of discussion about these being soldiers from the Civil War. I think I need to obtain another set for him specifically for this purpose. I'd love to get him some proper tin soldiers, but I've yet to find some at a reasonable price that don't contain lead.

By Thursday the boys were going stir crazy! Jayden was out flat with sickies for two days, all most back to normal on Wednesday, & on Thursday the rain hit! During a lull I took them to the newest park in town which has some areas undercover. I was sitting on a kiddie bench reading my library book when Jayden asked me to listen to him through the "telephone". I said I would if he'd smile for a picture. This was the resulting photo..

Not to be left out Morgan promptly smiled for the camera himself. Check out all the freckles on his nose! Jayden sported a few this summer & told us he was horribly embaressed by them. I told him not to worry about it, we thought they were quite sporty.

Check out those angry clouds behind him! We no sooner got to the park then it started sprinkling on us, thus why I sat on the kiddie bench to read my book. Despite it not being a "real" telescope the boys have always loved using the ones on the playground. Many games revolve around the crazy telescopes..

There were some tears over Daddy playing one child's game and not another child's game one evening, so Daddy agreed to a few mini games on Mario Party with a certain little boy before I chased them all off to bed. I found them all sitting on the coffee table & thought it was quite funny.. You know before I noticed all the junk on the floor..

Morgan is king of inventing around here. I'm not kidding! If this kid had a chemistry set I'd be terrified, & yet I'm contemplating it for Christmas for him. His latest thing has been games.. This was one he invented while Jayden wasn't feeling well. It involved us picking colors & rolling dice, until I realized he'd snitched pieces from the good backgammon game & asked him to return them and find something else to use in their place.

Friday Afternoon was another grey and rainy day. After finishing off our read aloud, the only school we did this week due to sickies, I suggested we play some games. Jayden selected Big Fish Little Fish, always a favourite around here. However, Daddy usually plays it with them & it had been so long since I played it I called Mr S at work, unfortunately catching him in a meeting, just to verify which way we were suppose to play. I'm pretty sure his workmates think of me as, "That crazy American who serves food on sticks.." Ha!

Tuesday or Wednesday morning the boys and I made a salt dough tomb {directions over on almost unschoolers}, but the boys decided they didn't want to touch the dough so they instructed me on how to shape it all. Once it was cooked & cooled we put it on the counter top for an Easter decoration. I walked in the kitchen Friday afternoon to start dinner & found this army set up all around it. I snapped a picture & then started laughing.

When we first moved here we gave Morgan a Superhero Kit for Christmas. A year or so later Jayden wanted to know if he could have one too. I told him I'd make him a cape, and they could share the rest of the things. I made his blue. Last year he declared it too small for him, and it was, really it was! I had every intention of making him a new one in time for Christmas & appliquéing a J on it, but when I couldn't make Morgan one of his gifts I opted not to make the cape for Jayden. When I went into sew something on Friday, Jayden came up to me with the piece of material & asked if I was going to make his quilt. How could I resist such a request? He spent the entire night singing, "Mother Knows Best" from Tangled & whipping his cape with great vigour & gusto. It kept us laughing all night.

I was showing Mr S how to use the Instagram app. I told him to sit there and act normalish. So, he grabbed the ipad and started playing, or reading, something. Actually, I think he might have been caught up in a game of Draw Something! with his niece.

Mr S was test driving bikes at the local bike shop so the boys & I wandered around checking everything out. I spotted this bike towards the back of the shop & snapped a photo to show my mother-in-law. I showed it to her and told her I found her a new set of wheels! Funniest part was that she said she'd spotted one recently herself and thought it would be perfect for her.

I turned around from taking a photo of the bike for my mil & actually squealed out loud. The boys asked what was wrong & all I could do was point to the sign over the bikes. Once I stopped squealing I pointed out they forgot an R on my lovely banner. The boys thought I was quite silly, but I took a photo anyway!

My mother-in-law made mini loaves of bread to go with the soup she served us. I wanted someone who was eating the bread to slice it into little slices, Mr S obliged. He was suppose to be pretending the slice of bread was really heavy, but I think that might have been an epic fail.

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