Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The New Button..

I've had a few requests over the years for a donation button on my blog, but I've never made any progress in putting one up. I appreciate that people enjoy my creations enough to want to share their love a little bit, but I've also always felt a little funny putting a donation button up as if I wanted a little extra love for the donations. Does this make sense?

For the hundreds {yes, very literally} each day who are coming in from Pinterest and picking up the free Lego birthday pack, don't panic, it will remain free. So will all the other freebies that I've shared all along.

I have, however, finally given in & put a donation button up. It's there for those who want to use it, not because I expect anyone to donate in exchange for anything listed on my blog for free. For anyone who does choose to donate, I'm going to thank you here for it, officially. It always makes me smile to see that others enjoy, no matter how much or little, appreciate & enjoy the things I've had so much fun making.

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