Saturday, March 17, 2012

Naughty Leprechaun's Final Mess..

For the last 16 days there's been a naughty little Leprechaun playing tricks & hiding in our home. Each morning the boys dutifully find him and tell him off. It doesn't do much good, the wee little trouble maker is back at it again the next morning.. Except for the day we found the poor fellow crying his eyes out on sitting on Ireland on the map.

Today, when the boys found him there was much rejoicing that it would be "going home" & no more naughty pranks would be happening.

Little did they know...

He trashed the kitchen leaving footprints on the left over baked poatotes from dinner, some fun St Patrick's Day Tattoos, & heaps of shamrocks. Apparently his potato needed excess salt, because that white stuff is the contents of our salt shaker spread all over the place.

Apparently he wasn't full because he went and had more.. in the same microwave a nameless person blew up a bowl of spaghetti in & never cleaned it up. The crazy Leprechaun left behind tell tale footprints on the shelf, the microwave buttons, & the door.. not to mention right there on the plate!

I thought he was being helpful to clean up his messes, but then I noticed my dishwashing soap was tipped over and my sink was green. Oh my, this fellow is a trouble maker for sure!

He dumped my flower vase upside down & the Easter Lilies we keep out all year. The boys aren't gonna like that considering they aren't suppose to play with it. He left them some fun badges for St Patrick's Day though.. He came back later and left gold too..

Oh dear.. the salt made him thirsty I see. Our milk is now green & he poured himself some. Clearly he spilled a bit, dear me. What on earth could he have been doing in the lounge with a glass of milk in the smallest fanciest cup we own!?

Oh.. I see. A few movies & some rounds of Wii before calling it a night then yes. And plenty more shamrocks. I'm really glad he came back and dropped off gold too, because it will ease the burden of helping to clean up if one can munch on a bit of gold. Unfortunately, he also left the television on and was clearly enjoying Harold & The Purple Crayon!

What can I say, when you drink too much milk you're likely to need to use the bathroom.. At least he didn't turn the toilet into a wishing well. Jayden will be very pleased with that, I'm just not sure he'll appreciate the loo paper all over or the wonderful green shamrocks sprinkled everywhere. I did hear some wicked cackling while the Leprechaun was in there though.

Well that's friendly of him to cast a rainbow on the door.. plus he didn't muck up the crazy footie stuff hanging there or steal the footie pen to use as a dart board.. but what you can't see is that he took the name tags off the door and hung them in naughty places... upside down. At least he left some gold at the end of the rainbow.

Clearly our Leprechaun likes to read, because he's spread school books all over the floor. He knocked the laundry an unnamed child didn't put away around too. Tipped chairs upside down, deposited baloons, gold, & more shamrocks for us to admire. I'm had all I could do to chase him away from the spelling books, he left some F's in there on tests that were clearly A's.. 

Oh My. Just when I thought he'd been as naughty as possible he went and did this! It's a good thing that's a dry erase marker or Mr S might have actually passed out, cried, & passed out again. I must say, I find my beard rather stylish though, don't you? I might join the carnival when it's in town next... 


Nancy said...

Too Funny!!

kim said...

So that's where he went to. I think he lives at our house full time. That's how our house usually looks! Please encourage him to stay in your neck of the woods. :)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

This is very funny - but I'm glad I'm not the one who had to clean it all up!