Monday, March 5, 2012

Klondike Gold Rush

We're taking time, while we finish awaiting the arrival of our supplies, to read about the Klondike Gold Rush. We've all ready explored, lightly, the California Gold Rush & had we stuck with Winter Promise we would have covered the Klondike. Because we're switching I'm not sure we'll hit it, so instead I ordered the two books I know we would have used with Winter Promise and we're off and running.

Gold Fever is a ficticious tale about two brothers named Tim & Roy who set off at the prospect of Gold in Alaska. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of By The Great Horn Spoon because both boys also live with their Aunt, but that's about the biggest similarity. We're taking this book slow as the chapters are long, but that's okay.

At the end of each chapter are facts, actual pictures from the time, & activities to do. After we learned about the Chilkoot Pass there was an activity to help us get a feel of what it would have been like to walk it ourselves. It helped to remind the boys of mountain we climbed a few years ago. Unfortunately we only have one step in our house & for the life of me I can't think of a public building with steps in it for them to try out the activity, but that's okay. Once I suggested they carry the dog around they got the idea pretty quick of how rough it was.

We had fun checking out pictures on Wickipedia too. Did you know that many photographers went along on the Klondike just for the purpose of photographing the events and life along the trail?! We learned that in Chapter 1 & were slightly disappointed to learn that E.A. Hegg's weren't amongst any {that we could tell} on Wickipedia, not that it made the photos there any less interesting!

We also learned about a female journalist who often wrote under a pen name while she lived in Toronto and worked as a school teacher. She too went out on the Klondike, but she went as a nurse and reported. She fell in love with the land and the adventure and decided not to go back.  So much information in such a small book!

I'm also reading aloud The Gold Miner's Rescue. It's a Trailblazer book I picked up at the second hand shop last year. The Trailblazer books are a variety of books for kids written from a Christian point of view on historical events. I'm so-so with the book right now. We're four chapters in & aside from a few references to vital places we've learned about there's more reference to the sin in drinking to excess. Not a topic I think most children need to worry about, but I'm curious to see where it will go from here so we terry on!

To tie it all together we nipped on over to Raising Superheroes and snagged her nifty little lapbook that goes along with Gold Rush Fever to use. It saved me the effort which makes me super happy! All though the Mountie booklet was made upside down so I took her idea and whipped one up really quick! 

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