Thursday, March 8, 2012

Box Day #1

A week or two ago our big box of school literature showed up & there was a lot of scrambling to see what was in the box! In fact, I finally chased the kids out of the room and put the books up so they wouldn't try and run off with any. I know, sad, but true. This was actually our second big box of stuff to come for school because my parents had all ready sent us a few boxes of school supplies.

I have pictures of them somewhere, but I'm not sure where now. The pictures are really funny because the boxes aren't huge but have these funny stickers on them that say they are so heavy you must lift with your knees. Apparently the Aussie Post was worried about their employees hurting themselves.

We're still waiting on a few straggling packages to arrive with our remaining items. You know, math books, final bits to our Sonlight Core, & some books that Morgan will be reading this year. There's some avid stalking of the poor Postie happening around here. When a triumphant child came in squealing, "SCHOOL BOOKS!" while waving a package around he had us all very excited until we saw how tiny his package was. It wasn't school books, but it was a really amazing book I'll have to share in another post. Here's hoping today turns up some math books!

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