Saturday, March 3, 2012

40 Days Of Easter: Day 7 & 8

We're still working on our 40 days of Easter Crafts & quite enjoying it! I'm just a bit more lax about getting them up each day. I might throw them all into one weekly post, but we'll see what happens. It's been a hectic week around here and hopefully things will come down in the coming week.

Day 7 we were reminded, again, that the Jews were looking for an earthly King who was strong and all powerful and would defeat their oppressors. God, however, knew they needed more then that & sent his Son for them. In order to help the boys fully grasp this we used a Venn Diagram {just google it plenty blank ones come up, we printed ours at roughly 75% & then we trimmed and mounted it on a sheet of coloured paper} and compared what they wanted, with what they needed, with what they got.

Next we read various Bible verses that helped us see what the Jews were hoping for, what they were given, and what needed. We put Needed on one side, Wanted on the other, & in the middle what was given. So, for instance, they wanted a King & were given a king that went in the middle. Sword/fighter went on the wanted side where as Saviour/eternal life went on the other. These words helped describe what kind of King they wanted vs what they were given. Jayden is just getting into the writing thing & likes to tie his writings off with pictures so he also drew a sword on the Wanted side and a Cross on the needed Side. Morgan joined him.

Day 8 discussed the two more important commandments. The boys eyes always light up when this topic comes up because last year these were two of the verses they memorized. Which means they knew this lesson really well. However, I wanted to give them a craft to go with it anyway, after all we can't make 40 crafts if we don't craft now can we?! All you need for this one is a paper heart, 2 "commandment tablet shapes", & the two most important commandments written out per child.

After you convince your 8 year old that you aren't that great at drawing symmetrical hearts & you'd used a pattern so he should stop crying that he's not that great at it.. Glue the commandments to the tablets & then glue the tablets to the heart as desired. My boys took it upon themselves to glue the commandments on as eyeballs & then they decorated their heart from there forward with a mouth/nose & arms & legs.

If you want to add arms and legs like the guys did just cut 2 strips of paper {the length of a sheet of paper} and then fold it back and forth accordion style. We cut each of those in half and glued them on. Easy Peasy.

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