Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Triangular Flash Cards

These are the cards I mentioned in the previous post. I only made cards for the 2-9 Fact Families. My children really don't need help with the 1, 0, or 10 family by any means. For just starting out I'd recommend not covering any numbers of facts when you flip the card up. Simply turn the card over, discuss it if you want, and then point out which number will be representing the answer today.

Now, you can clearly use them anyway you want & no one's going to be offended. I'm just mentioning how we used them when we first started out. The idea was that I wanted these facts memorized. My kids all ready know how to add & these weren't being used for fact review but for speed & memorization. Thus, giving them the answer was going to help them more then asking them to figure out the answer themselves.

One of the 2 & 4 fact family cards have  bloopers on them, can you spot them? I need to correct it & then I will post the updated cards. If you find anymore errors please drop me a line and let me know. I'll post corrected cards if/when needed. In the mean time, you can download the original flashcards here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Homeschool Helps

I've been sharing things around the house that make our school days run smoother or that we simply use daily in our homeschool.  A couple more came to my attention this week & I couldn't help but share them.

We recently acquired a new school table. It's huge. It's awesome. It's one of those beautiful long farmhouse tables & it cost me all of $10. The top was in horrible shape so I scrubbed it, but haven't finished the top off yet as the weather hasn't been right for stripping & finishing. However, I put a piece of clear plastic table protector on the top.

The one in the photo has some crazy fold marks in it, because it was a cheap-o one from Kmart. If you buy the nicer stuff off the roll {like we're doing} you won't have creases in the protector & you can get a bit of a heavier weighted one too. The coolest part, because I could honestly care less if the top of the table got dinged up, is that you can then slip things under the clear protector. Things to view daily. Think number lines for math, world map for geography, or a prayer calendar for Mom to use while she's waiting on students. But, one of my favourite ways to use it is on Monday's Spelling Pre-Test days. I have to give two spelling tests, & despite my careful planning, they always happen at the same time. So, I write the boys words on the table cloth, I mark the jail words so I can let them know before I read it out. I put a tick next to a words as I go along, ones they might have gotten wrong, ones they might have gotten right. Depends on my mood. Clear table protectors are amazing!

Flash cards & timers are probably nothing new to most homeschooling mammas, and non homeschooling mammas for that matter, I'm sure. However, we like to combine them both together. The boys have done so well on their multiplication facts {memorization} that I decided it was time to pull out their addition & subtraction facts for the same purpose to help them speed up even more in math. First I made some triangular math cards because none of the ones online {free & sale} were what I wanted. I loved the number recognition, but I have a visual learner who was going to need those facts written out for now as well.  To keep the kids on their toes & our morning routine going quickly I set the timer for 3 minutes & we go. The goal is to obviously be able to get done with the cards & have time to spare. Right now they can't quite get through the addition/subtraction ones, but they are really close.

Just to clarify.. they don't do both addition and subtraction at the sam time. or now we're concentrating on the addition part. Once they can do those, & quickly, we'll move into the subtraction. Once they can do those & quickly I'll dump all the facts into our Joey-Joey can & we'll go back to using the daily. Someone was a little rusty on his facts & I figured the quickest way to fix that was with the flash cards.

The timer app was free & can be found in the itunes store. It's actually a fantastic app. You can create many preset timers so that when you need them you can just click start instead of having to actually set the timer. I love the different noises you can pick too, all though be warned if the video game timer goes of in the Optometrists office while he's examining your child's eyes, he will most likely stop & look around and say, "Do you hear an elephant?"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

My husband shocked me with an iphone on Wednesday & while this photo wasn't taken then it's kinda how I looked. That photo was actually taken while I was making Friday night's dinner. I was just a little crazed, can you tell?

Jayden recouped reasonably well by Thursday & after we read our Read Aloud he set off to his very favourite thing to play.. toy soldiers. He spends hours upon hours setting these things up, & then usually asks us all to come check them out before one key soldier blows everything up.

Sometimes he just leaves them set up on the table and asks us all to admire them as we go about our daily business. Notice the few knocked over? They were casualities. Despite the British flag on the side there's been a lot of discussion about these being soldiers from the Civil War. I think I need to obtain another set for him specifically for this purpose. I'd love to get him some proper tin soldiers, but I've yet to find some at a reasonable price that don't contain lead.

By Thursday the boys were going stir crazy! Jayden was out flat with sickies for two days, all most back to normal on Wednesday, & on Thursday the rain hit! During a lull I took them to the newest park in town which has some areas undercover. I was sitting on a kiddie bench reading my library book when Jayden asked me to listen to him through the "telephone". I said I would if he'd smile for a picture. This was the resulting photo..

Not to be left out Morgan promptly smiled for the camera himself. Check out all the freckles on his nose! Jayden sported a few this summer & told us he was horribly embaressed by them. I told him not to worry about it, we thought they were quite sporty.

Check out those angry clouds behind him! We no sooner got to the park then it started sprinkling on us, thus why I sat on the kiddie bench to read my book. Despite it not being a "real" telescope the boys have always loved using the ones on the playground. Many games revolve around the crazy telescopes..

There were some tears over Daddy playing one child's game and not another child's game one evening, so Daddy agreed to a few mini games on Mario Party with a certain little boy before I chased them all off to bed. I found them all sitting on the coffee table & thought it was quite funny.. You know before I noticed all the junk on the floor..

Morgan is king of inventing around here. I'm not kidding! If this kid had a chemistry set I'd be terrified, & yet I'm contemplating it for Christmas for him. His latest thing has been games.. This was one he invented while Jayden wasn't feeling well. It involved us picking colors & rolling dice, until I realized he'd snitched pieces from the good backgammon game & asked him to return them and find something else to use in their place.

Friday Afternoon was another grey and rainy day. After finishing off our read aloud, the only school we did this week due to sickies, I suggested we play some games. Jayden selected Big Fish Little Fish, always a favourite around here. However, Daddy usually plays it with them & it had been so long since I played it I called Mr S at work, unfortunately catching him in a meeting, just to verify which way we were suppose to play. I'm pretty sure his workmates think of me as, "That crazy American who serves food on sticks.." Ha!

Tuesday or Wednesday morning the boys and I made a salt dough tomb {directions over on almost unschoolers}, but the boys decided they didn't want to touch the dough so they instructed me on how to shape it all. Once it was cooked & cooled we put it on the counter top for an Easter decoration. I walked in the kitchen Friday afternoon to start dinner & found this army set up all around it. I snapped a picture & then started laughing.

When we first moved here we gave Morgan a Superhero Kit for Christmas. A year or so later Jayden wanted to know if he could have one too. I told him I'd make him a cape, and they could share the rest of the things. I made his blue. Last year he declared it too small for him, and it was, really it was! I had every intention of making him a new one in time for Christmas & appliquéing a J on it, but when I couldn't make Morgan one of his gifts I opted not to make the cape for Jayden. When I went into sew something on Friday, Jayden came up to me with the piece of material & asked if I was going to make his quilt. How could I resist such a request? He spent the entire night singing, "Mother Knows Best" from Tangled & whipping his cape with great vigour & gusto. It kept us laughing all night.

I was showing Mr S how to use the Instagram app. I told him to sit there and act normalish. So, he grabbed the ipad and started playing, or reading, something. Actually, I think he might have been caught up in a game of Draw Something! with his niece.

Mr S was test driving bikes at the local bike shop so the boys & I wandered around checking everything out. I spotted this bike towards the back of the shop & snapped a photo to show my mother-in-law. I showed it to her and told her I found her a new set of wheels! Funniest part was that she said she'd spotted one recently herself and thought it would be perfect for her.

I turned around from taking a photo of the bike for my mil & actually squealed out loud. The boys asked what was wrong & all I could do was point to the sign over the bikes. Once I stopped squealing I pointed out they forgot an R on my lovely banner. The boys thought I was quite silly, but I took a photo anyway!

My mother-in-law made mini loaves of bread to go with the soup she served us. I wanted someone who was eating the bread to slice it into little slices, Mr S obliged. He was suppose to be pretending the slice of bread was really heavy, but I think that might have been an epic fail.

Friday, March 23, 2012

KJV Scripture Cards

A friend spotted some ABC Scripture cards on the web that she really liked & wondered if someone could make them in KJV format. It sounded like a fun idea so I volunteered.

As it turned out it was fun, not to mention quick, & I thought I'd post them here for anyone else looking for them.

I'm seriously considering making some more up that correlate with some of the verses the boys will memorize this year, but in all fairness our index cards in the Memory Box work just fine as they are. Still, very tempting with the cute little graphics I found thanks to Phillip Martin. I love his graphics, cute functional, & free. I mean it doesn't get much better then that!
Are the sheep not adorable?! I mean really!! My boys were awwwing over them, & I have to agree. I was so excited to see all the Biblical clip art over at Phillip Martin's site. It made my day.
I also love that Last Supper graphic, I don't know why but I just really love it & was so excited to be able to use it! There were so many graphics, especially in the Biblical area, that I loved. I'm thinking I might make the boys some Bible Notebooking Pages to go along with some of the Bible were doing this year! Anyway, you can download the ABC Scripture cards here. Just print, laminate, & cut. Punch a hole in the top left hand corner of each card & slip them on a metal ring. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sick Days

A certain little boy spend all day Monday pretty much just like that on the couch. He woke up with a miserable head cold that had him so dizzy he'd feel very sick if he needed to move. Poor boy walked off to the bathroom at one point holding his head. He didn't actually need the bowl in the photo, but he felt like he might due to the excessive dizziness. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen him that still, except maybe the first time he took a train ride.

He wasn't much better on Tuesday, all though very proud of pulling off wearing the same clothes two days in a row. He's never been a big blanket, his big clutch was a pacifier/dummy & a stuffed puppy. However, when he's sick all the quilts and blankets come out. He had my book quilt, his Nana Blanket {the one with the ladybugs/birds above} & a Thomas quilt {his American Grandma made} him out. Thankfully it didn't last long, he was back to reasonably normal on Wednesday & again today. His only lingering signs are the tears that are quick to come on for the smallest things. He's one tough cookie, so when he goes down & out for the count we tend to get worried, I'm so glad he's feeling better again!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The New Button..

I've had a few requests over the years for a donation button on my blog, but I've never made any progress in putting one up. I appreciate that people enjoy my creations enough to want to share their love a little bit, but I've also always felt a little funny putting a donation button up as if I wanted a little extra love for the donations. Does this make sense?

For the hundreds {yes, very literally} each day who are coming in from Pinterest and picking up the free Lego birthday pack, don't panic, it will remain free. So will all the other freebies that I've shared all along.

I have, however, finally given in & put a donation button up. It's there for those who want to use it, not because I expect anyone to donate in exchange for anything listed on my blog for free. For anyone who does choose to donate, I'm going to thank you here for it, officially. It always makes me smile to see that others enjoy, no matter how much or little, appreciate & enjoy the things I've had so much fun making.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Naughty Leprechaun's Final Mess..

For the last 16 days there's been a naughty little Leprechaun playing tricks & hiding in our home. Each morning the boys dutifully find him and tell him off. It doesn't do much good, the wee little trouble maker is back at it again the next morning.. Except for the day we found the poor fellow crying his eyes out on sitting on Ireland on the map.

Today, when the boys found him there was much rejoicing that it would be "going home" & no more naughty pranks would be happening.

Little did they know...

He trashed the kitchen leaving footprints on the left over baked poatotes from dinner, some fun St Patrick's Day Tattoos, & heaps of shamrocks. Apparently his potato needed excess salt, because that white stuff is the contents of our salt shaker spread all over the place.

Apparently he wasn't full because he went and had more.. in the same microwave a nameless person blew up a bowl of spaghetti in & never cleaned it up. The crazy Leprechaun left behind tell tale footprints on the shelf, the microwave buttons, & the door.. not to mention right there on the plate!

I thought he was being helpful to clean up his messes, but then I noticed my dishwashing soap was tipped over and my sink was green. Oh my, this fellow is a trouble maker for sure!

He dumped my flower vase upside down & the Easter Lilies we keep out all year. The boys aren't gonna like that considering they aren't suppose to play with it. He left them some fun badges for St Patrick's Day though.. He came back later and left gold too..

Oh dear.. the salt made him thirsty I see. Our milk is now green & he poured himself some. Clearly he spilled a bit, dear me. What on earth could he have been doing in the lounge with a glass of milk in the smallest fanciest cup we own!?

Oh.. I see. A few movies & some rounds of Wii before calling it a night then yes. And plenty more shamrocks. I'm really glad he came back and dropped off gold too, because it will ease the burden of helping to clean up if one can munch on a bit of gold. Unfortunately, he also left the television on and was clearly enjoying Harold & The Purple Crayon!

What can I say, when you drink too much milk you're likely to need to use the bathroom.. At least he didn't turn the toilet into a wishing well. Jayden will be very pleased with that, I'm just not sure he'll appreciate the loo paper all over or the wonderful green shamrocks sprinkled everywhere. I did hear some wicked cackling while the Leprechaun was in there though.

Well that's friendly of him to cast a rainbow on the door.. plus he didn't muck up the crazy footie stuff hanging there or steal the footie pen to use as a dart board.. but what you can't see is that he took the name tags off the door and hung them in naughty places... upside down. At least he left some gold at the end of the rainbow.

Clearly our Leprechaun likes to read, because he's spread school books all over the floor. He knocked the laundry an unnamed child didn't put away around too. Tipped chairs upside down, deposited baloons, gold, & more shamrocks for us to admire. I'm had all I could do to chase him away from the spelling books, he left some F's in there on tests that were clearly A's.. 

Oh My. Just when I thought he'd been as naughty as possible he went and did this! It's a good thing that's a dry erase marker or Mr S might have actually passed out, cried, & passed out again. I must say, I find my beard rather stylish though, don't you? I might join the carnival when it's in town next... 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter Promise: A Review

I've had a lot of questions about our year with the Winter Promise curriculum. As I've told many people, we really enjoyed our year. It was exactly what we needed when we needed it. My children enjoyed themselves throughly, & I was given the peace of mind that I so desperately needed.

I finally took the time to write a lengthy review about the curriculum & I shared it over on The Curriculum Choice. I won't lie, it's a lengthy in-depth review. I had mixed feelings on the writing it because while we did fully enjoy our year the curriculum had a few flaws in it. However, I doubt anyone can attest that any curriculum is the perfect fit in all areas of their homeschool.

Along with my review I also added some tips for using & ordering the curriculum if you were to chose it for your own personal homeschool.

It was fun to look back over our school year & write about what we liked and didn't like. It was also fun to share what I learned in the ordering, learning, & using process. It was a very different curriculum then we'd every used before, but honestly we have no regrets. Regardless of any of that, I hope you enjoy the review.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Staying Organized

I recently saw a question asking how much time one spends on planning lessons, gathering school materials, researching topics, & so on. All the typical things most of us get caught up in doing.  This question really struck me because this is something that I use to get really caught up in. I mean really caught up in.
In fact, I spent so much time creating notebook/lapbook things, planning lessons, gathering supplies, & on & on that Mr S lamented he hardly saw me on the weekends. I also burned out really quickly & found myself really struggling to be excited about all our learning. I thought I’d share some ways I put the fun back into our homeschool, & some tips I have for staying organized with the least amount of effort:

Dedicated learning area: This means all our learning supplies are located in one place. Our learning area has a large table in the middle of the room & long bookcases on the walls. All our needed books for learning are in this room.  All our school supplies, paper, pens, scissors, paint, coloured pencils, etc. It's all here in one easy to find location.

Book Bins: The top shelf of our book case is dedicated to the books we know for sure we’ll need this year. The tubs are all clearly labeled on the main shelves making it easy for anyone in the home to locate the book we need. Keeping our books for the year separated saves us hours of mindless searching or wondering each week. We've had many dedicated learning areas from great big to tiny. Regardless of the space we've always had a bookcase {or two} nearby with the books needed for that school year.

My planner: This stays, all week, on the middle of the learning table. Inside my planner are our read aloud lists, math grading papers, a place to jot down notes for next year’s curriculum down, things that are happening during our week, & goals for the kids each year. By keeping the planner on the table I can quickly mark off the things we’ve done as we do them, jot notes down for areas I think a child needs more practice, or add the other work we’ve done in a day. It’s my lifeline when it comes to our school day. 

Morning/Table Tub: In the middle of our table is a basket or tub. Inside our tub is a pencil box with pencils & erasers inside, our Memory box, & our math flash cards. I also keep a sharpie, large eraser/rubber & ruler in the box. Things I’ll need on a daily basis that I don’t need/want to be chasing down each morning. It also happens to be the things we tend to need first thing to get our school day rolling.

Backpacks: For home educators this probably sounds really funny, but these are huge for us. My boys keep their school books in here. The ones they need each and every day. Spelling, math, Bible, Science journals, & so on. They also keep a small tin of coloured pencils in there for decorating notebooking pages & working on their Bible timeline. They each have a pair of scissors, a ruler, a travel pencil sharpener, & a glue stick as well. At any given time no one has to say, “Mum, I’ve lost my...” They know exactly where it is & if I see it on the table then I know it’s not where it belongs.

Mamma’s Book Shelf: I suppose in a classroom this would be the teacher’s desk or personal area, but in our house I have a bookshelf that holds all the things I’ll need for the school year. This is outside of the top shelf of the normal bookcase. This shelf is located on the opposite wall. On it I have a couple of magazine holders that hold our Core guides from Sonlight, they hold any extra textbooks the kids might need {both boys usually work through 2 spelling books a year, so the extra spelling book would be located on this shelf so I know exactly where it is when I need it}, my other Bible, my box of books, & Teacher Manuals. I tried storing my manuals in a backpack, but the pack I had wasn’t roomy enough.

Curriculum: For me, this turned out to be a life saver. When Morgan outgrew our the Five In A Row curriculum, I floundered a lot. I tried to gather up my own resources & make them work, and while it did work for us it was a lot of work. I don’t regret the work that I did or the time that I spent on it, but for our family buying a prescheduled laid out curriculum was the ticket. We enjoy it and thrive with it. It works for us. However, I refuse to keep or use a curriculum that requires me to tweak it too much. It’s a waste of money & time. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking curriculum, but if you’ve tweaked it so much it doesn’t even come close to resembling what you start with, then it’s probably time to move on to something else.

Books: Look, let’s be honest we can all complain that our library system is squat & can’t live up to our expectations. I’ve learned that it’s far less stress, & actually cheaper for me to purchase all the books that we’ll need for the school year in advanced. This saves me hours of time trying to locate them at the library, struggling to get them to the house in time, & being absolutely frustrated beyond belief. Instead, I take the time in the summer during our break to locate all the books we’ll need for the year via the cheapest sources I can find. When the books arrive they go straight into the book bins so I know where they are & I mark them off my list so I don’t make the mistake of buying excess copies.

Lunch Menu: This is huge for us. I don’t know about in your home, but lunch can take ages here & most of that is people choosing what they want. To avoid all the hassle I make a menu up and that’s what people get. If they don’t like it they can fix themselves a pb&j sandwich so we can keep on moving.

My File Box: While I no longer store weekly things in the box, it’s still used regularly & kept right in the school area. I have a file for receipts. I save receipts for many items, including school stuff due to taxes. So all my receipts have a special place in the box. If I pull pages out of curriculum to run off copies, I slip the master sheets into a page protector and file it in my box. Extra timeline pieces, extra copies of notebooking pages, & so on all go in the box in their own files. At any given time I should be able to locate what I need in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

Preparing Ahead: Think of it like a parent teacher conference. Basically I set aside a small amount of time, usually on Friday, to make sure everything for the week has been put where it belongs. I make sure my planner was fully updated, school bags are neat and tidy, book tubs are in order, pencils are sharpened and away, etc. I also take a small amount of time to check over lessons for next week. What math games will we play? What equipment do I need for science experiments? Do I need to run off any extra copies? Are my timeline pieces for the week in the pocket of my planner where they should be? Do we need more glue sticks, printing paper, or any other supplies? I also assess the notes I’ve taken for the week.. These might just be short snippets of, “Jayden’s handwriting is coming along in leaps and bounds, be sure to let him know you’re impressed!” or “Encourage Morgan to use his cursive on his notebooking pages he’s doing awesome with it.” They might be more important like, “Slow down on latest math lesson & work in more games until concepts are fully understood.” It doesn’t matter what it is, this is the moment to check them so I’m ready for the following week.
That’s it! If it sounds like a lot, I promise it isn’t. Most of it is a “one time set up” situation and it’s off and running. In fact, the only thing that’s a weekly upkeep is my Planning Ahead area. However, it’s a quick thing because everything else in our learning area is working for us instead of against us! How about you, what works for you to help you stay organized & spend more time having fun instead of excessive amounts of time planning?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Ballad Of Lucy Whipple

I mentioned that we devoured The Ballad of Lucy Whipple a couple of weeks ago. We really enjoyed the book, but I'm really glad I went with reading a hard copy & not listening to an audio version of the book.

The story follows California Morning, the daughter of a couple who always dreamed of heading west to find their fortune in California, as she and her family arrive at their final destination in California. They land in a small mining town that is nothing more then tents and mud. California, who later changes her name to Lucy, is in the depths of despair and wants nothing more then to get back to her grandparents in Boston.

The story gives you a great taste of what it was like in the diggings. The good, the bad, & the downright ugly. This isn't about a family who was there to mine gold themselves, but rather a family that is working a boarding house in the town. Not an easy job when your "house" is a tent and the rooms you let are simply cots sectioned off with blankets and sheets to give you the feel of privacy.

There is a lot that happens in the story that I won't mention because it's such a good book I'd hate to spoil the surprises that lay ahead for the readers. There is, however, a few things in the book that I chose to edit out while reading aloud to my children. Lucy is asked to teach her little brother Butte. The aim is that she's to "educate" him because his personal education from hanging out with miners consists of knowing 43 different names for Whiskey. He aims to learn 50. There are a few names, that while indeed true names for the drink aren't words I'd really want to hear my children speaking. I chose to edit those names but read the scene. I really think you need to read this scene due to something that happens later in the book.

It's a very sad thing that happens in the book, and took all of us by surprise. In fact, I confess to choking up and having to stop reading for a few minutes, but had I skipped the entire whiskey naming scene then there's a portion of this sad thing that won't make sense later on.

There's also a family that is introduced in the middle of the book. They are considered wild and no-gooders, but I think an adult will quickly pick up that the family is actually suffering at the hands of an abuser. Wrongs are righted with this family, but not before you find out that their Pa is a wicked man. The wrongs are righted when it's discovered that their Pa is dead, shot. It's discovered that their Ma shot him & a trial is held. Ma is let off the hook because they find out how mean Pa was truly being to her at that moment.

Another scene in the book involves the eldest daughter in this family. She's taking Lucy to see where she captured a beautiful dragonfly. Both girls stumble across a little Indian girl who appears to be sick. When Lucy sticks out her hand to help the little girl, her friend pulls her back and a small discussion takes place about the "bleeding a woman does.." I skipped this entire scene entirely for my boys, but confess that it is an amusing scene in regards to how the girls think of what it all means. I knew my boys would have too many questions about it and thus chose to skip it all together.

Other then that we fully enjoyed the book. Both boys fully enjoyed the book {as they know it}, & have been discussing Lucy Whipple for weeks now. We chose to map the route out that Lucy and her family took to get to California & then the boys enjoyed writing a small book report about the book as well. Not something we do for every book, but I thought it would be fun for this particular title. We won't, however, be using those book report pages again. I think the slimmer width of an A4 sheet of paper was more then it could cope with and the space to write in was just too tiny for us!

All in all, it was a fun way to see the Gold Rush from a female point of view. Not to mention a view that showed some of the more harsher aspects of what life was like during that time. It'll be interesting to see if the boys pick up on any of the differences when we read By The Great Horn Spoon, which they are extremely familiar with. It too gives an amazing detailed account of life in the gold fields, but it does so from the view of a miner!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Presidential Study

One of the things I wanted to cover with the boys this year was the US Presidents. If we hadn't made our final curriculum switch they would have. I figured it didn't really matter, we could do something really simplistic and make our way through all the Presidents {or nearly all of them} before we reached the end of our school year.

After compiling the information I wanted the boys to cover I decided to enhance our Presidential Notebooking pages. We all ready have some that we used ages ago with the boys, but we never quite made it through all the presidents. When I printed a few off to use with George Washington I found that the lines on them were just too big for the boys. They no longer needed such wide primary ruled pages. Hooray!

I did a quick assessment of the things we're jotting down & the things I want the boys to include. I like to keep heavier things mixed with lighter things. You know, major issues the presidents might have had to deal with mixed with the pets they might have owned. And boy howdy did they own some funny pets!

I have one child who doesn't mind writing a bit & another who's not as keen on it. Both boys are being pushed pretty hard with their school this year in regards to writing & because I want to keep this quick and simple each day, the page I created this time is a bit more fill in the blank. I know this way they'll record a significant amount of information with the least amount of complaints. We gave these pages a test-run today & the boys filled it out about themselves as if they were presidents. It was an absolute laugh a minute here. My children find important issues in the world to be things like Banishing Broccoli & Potty Training babies at birth. Good luck boys, good luck.

If you want to download the pages you can find them here. Looking for the old Presidential Notebooking pages, they are here.