Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week Two

We're still slowly adding back in all our subjects as we return full force to school. This week wasn't much different. Our morning routine seems down pretty pat as the boys get back into their maths, Bible, & reading.

We were quickly able to move Bible verses farther back in our Memory Box this week. I'd kept ones from last year up towards the front. This box seems to collect dust unless we meet at the learning table. I'm not sure it use to, but now that we don't school in the dinning room it's not out in the open for us to see.

The boys are also back in the groove with their multiplication facts which is nice to see. They were a little rusty when we first started out, but picked up where they left off very quickly. I'm sure the picture clues from Times Alive! helped considerably.

While we wait on the new math curriculum to arrive Morgan did Life Of Fred all week. He was tickled pink to spend that much time with Fred, and while it's great review still as of Chapter 10 in the Fractions book it's pretty much all review for him. He did, however, learn to reduce fractions this week something I hadn't tackled with him yet but he was clearly ready for. I was a bit annoyed with the book this week as they gave the children 2 problems to do & then don't tell them, until they check their answers, that there are 3 rules for reducing fractions. I do not admire, enjoy, or applaud anything/one that chooses to trick children, in that manner, when they are trying to learn. I feel those rules should have been stated from the get-go.  So, if you're up to Chapter 10 {or was it 11} you might want to read those rules from the answer page for your children.

Last week Jayden busied himself with the Times Alive! programme. While he's sat in on every lesson Morgan had with it, he was eager to be able to do the lessons himself. It's funny because I didn't think he'd be that excited about it, but he was. He use to cry if he missed out on a lesson Morgan did and then to please him Morgan would do the lesson again. I guess he really loves the programme!

Lots of reading happening around here. I pulled Klondike Kid off our bookcase for Jayden to read. I was sure he'd be happy with my choice, but when I told him what it was about he laid on the couch and read through the first small chapter. In fact, that particular day I was laying on the lounge room floor reading Rebecca {how come I've never read this before?} & Morgan was in a recliner reading his Hardy Boy book. There was much chatter from the Peanut Gallery as they discussed their books every few paragraphs. Morgan is about  halfway through his book & still giving me daily updates on the story. Apparently the name calling only comes from one character. And, for those that asked, this is one of the newer Hardy Boy books written for younger readers, not the originals.

We started our Zoology this week as well, & there was much rejoicing. The boys were very eager to get going on their Science Journals that I purchased to go with the book, & honestly I'm so glad I did! Not only is there notebooking pages, lapbooking bits, & other goodies inside, there's a nifty schedule for using Zoology 1 all laid out for you in the journal! I tore the front few pages out of both boys journal because those pages were written to the teacher & includes tips and hints as well as the actual schedules. The schedule has us spending 2 weeks on a chapter, so we're halfway done with Chapter 1. The boys tried out an air pressure experiment & learned all about lift, thrust, & drag. Angry Birds hasn't been the same for them since.

Overall, not a bad week around here, especially since we only did Easter Craft on Friday as the boys Nana was staying with us. We also wrapped up our New Testament Grapevine Bible study which was both exciting & sad at the same time. The boys were delighted to finish it up so we can move on to the Old Testament, but goodness it's been such a huge part of our lives for the past 24 months it's kinda sad to think we're done with it and ready to move back to the Old Testament. We're going to take a small break and do some studies revolving around the events of why we celebrate Easter before jumping back in with Grapevine. At least that's the plan for now.

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Nancy said...

Sounds like a great week. You do such a great job with your children. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!