Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week One

This was week one of our 2012 School Year, and for the most part it was all about getting back into a routine & covering the basics. I always find that it's much easier to ease back into a full school schedule then it is to jump in full force. It's often hard to resist breaking into everything the first week, but this time it was a bit easier because not all our books are here to begin our core. This week the boys worked on maths, spelling, reading, & Bible. 

We're still wrapping up the end of our New Testament Bible that we've been working very slowly through over the past two years. I liked the slower pace because I found the boys retained more & I noticed the lessons we took at a bit of a quicker pace this year weren't as well remembered. I'm completely undecided, as of now, what pace we'll take when we start the Old Testament next month. 

Math wasn't a total shock to their systems because we've been doing a few lessons on and off all summer long. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Morgan's current math programme is just too simplistic for him. I'm glad it was apparent from the get-go so that we can replace it with something a bit better for him before we're too deep into the school year. All though, I think this may be the earliest we've ever had to make changes to our plans! I'm glad it's because the programme is too easy & not because it's too frustrating though.

Morgan's hard work at spelling paid off last year & this year his first lesson back he aced his pretest! I still plan to continue forward with him because certain words still cause him to stumble. Jayden is starting an official spelling programme this year too, but his books haven't arrived yet.

Morgan's been reading through a Hardy's Boy mystery book & quite put out with some of the attitude and name calling in it. Other then that, though, he's concluded that it's a reasonably good story. Jayden read Abraham Lincoln's Hat & Henry Ford's Big Race this week. He was very excited when I pulled them off the shelf, more so over the Lincoln book because he's very intrigued by Abraham Lincoln. However, once he got going with the Ford book he was equally delighted with that one as well.

We also dabbled a little bit with learning about Spies, which included teaching the boys how to play Clue{do}. They picked up really quickly & due to marking my paper wrong Morgan proceeded to win the game! I had to laugh because they kept making up reasons why the people were in the rooms with the "weapons".  Things like Mrs White in the kitchen with Rope to tie up the turkey legs. or Professor Plum in the Study with a wrench to fix the cupboard. 

Next week we'll add in Science & possibly start with some of our art. The boys are super excited to start their Apologia Science & spent a good portion of Wednesday Afternoon pouring over their Notebooks that will go along with the study. 


Laurie said...

Welcome back to school. I don't remember that about Hardy Boys! Hmmm. My boys love Clue too!

Sheryll said...

We have Clue Jr. (why did they change the name to Cluedo here??) It's a simplified version and you have to find out who ate the chocolate cake. Perfect for my youngsters!

Can't wait to hear about your Apologia studies. We are doing Astronomy, my 7yo LOVES his jr. notebook!