Thursday, February 16, 2012

Planner Updates & Freebies

I added a few more things to my planner for the year. First off, I needed tabs to make getting around it a bit quicker/easier. I have a packet of reusable post-it style tabs, but you know I couldn't find them anywhere! I recycled a few from another planning project from last year that I didn't need this year.

I've got tabs for each month {11 in total, as I didn't include January in my planner}, 1 for the read aloud section, another for the kids check lists, another for my Bible reading sections for the year, & yet another for the notes section.

I usually keep a tab for the week we're currently on, but I found that one got a bit lost amongst the other tabs, as none of them are sticking out very far from the book so that when I put it on the shelf the tabs don't get bent or wobbly.

I also tucked the Table Of Contents to the kids math cds in with each child's check-list page. I like to know what the coming lessons are, because I'm finding that there are too many repeated ones and we skip lessons so we continue to make forward progress. It also helps me to know when bonus rounds are coming up & things like that.

Because I didn't use an extra tab to mark the week we're on, I snagged one of my magnetic bookmarks for it instead. Our local Christian Book shop sells these for something like .40 cents each. We have a few of them hanging around that are most often used to mark Bibles, but sometimes we use them for other things too.

I need pockets, so I took some pockets I'd made from bright card stock from a planner a few years ago and stuck them in the current one. I put one in the front & one in the back. All sorts of crazy things usually end up in these things from school receipts to extra lesson plans. That pocket up there is currently sporting the lesson plans to the HSITW Time Traveler cds as I was scheduling it into our Core for the year.

I also added a weekly to-do page. I wasn't going to put one in because this was the school planner, but truthfully I was going crazy with no place to jot things down. I normally jot stuff on the kitchen calendar, but the one we have is too small & I honestly can't stand it. I couldn't get my normal Bible Tails calendar because there was no wall edition of it this year. I was incredibly saddened by that, but anyway..

I made it "two" page so I could print front and back. I probably could have left off the "Calls to Make" section, but I seem to play telephone tag with the Eye Dr & Dentist so much lately that if I don't make special notes of it I might never catch them in. We have to play tag with our dentist so much that last time we were in there and she had to reschedule Morgan the entire room busted up in laughter. Sadly, I think I missed the appointment because they didn't call to remind me..

If you'd like to snag the pages for this planner you can get the Weekly To Do page here & the school planning page & cover here. Enjoy!


Dianna said...

I love your planners. They are super nice. )

Rachel said...

Love, love, love these!! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm off to do some printing!