Thursday, February 9, 2012

No More Marks

This has to be one of my all time favourite items to have around the house. Seriously, when we run out I usually hit panic mode and go pick up another packet of them! So recently when I found the 3M Value Pack of command strips I was in awe! I picked up a packet of them and set to use around the house.

The one thing we're not suppose to do as renters is put unnecessary holes in the walls, but frankly I think that's a lose term. For instance, I might like where my pictures are now, but there's a good chance I'll rearrange my house and want to move the pictures because they will no longer look right. And I like to decorate for the holidays and seasons. Hanging up our birthday banners or items for other holidays can be hindered by wondering if I should stick a tack in the wall to hang up said item.

In fact in the last house we did. I found that the infamous Blu-Tac just wasn't strong enough for many items like posters and birthday banners & I spent more time reapplying the items then enjoying having them up.

I first found a packet of these by another company and they were referred to as Poster Tape. I brought the package home and hung up our world map & our US map and never had to fuss over them falling off the wall in the summer again. Then we moved & I had to take them down. The beauty of this stuff is that you actually hold a small tap with one hand while pulling with another and it comes off the wall and item cleanly!

When I found the value pack I also found a pack of small decorating hooks. The picture on the package showed a string of Christmas lights hung up, but when I saw them I knew they were perfect for our birthday banners & other holiday banners. Instead of using tacs we place one of these hooks {with the command tape on the back} at the corners of doorways. Then we put a knot or loop on the banner and hang it on the hook! We can take the banners down and put new ones up for the changing holidays & seasons without ever making a single mark on the wall!

This main area in the kitchen/dining room is where we hung Christmas decorations, then Australia Day bunting, & now the birthday banner. It's been so nice not to have to fumble with tacs of a stapler and just hook the loops in our banners or buntings on the hooks!

We have some in the kitchen/lounge room doorway too which made throwing up our Valentine's Day banner really quick and easy. Except for when you're halfway up the ladder and a child decides to run off leaving you stranded without the pegs to attack the pieces to the string..

I even hung up an art line, which is practically invisible unless you stand right up next to it. It's white string on a boring white wall with clear hooks holding it up! Our art line is a tad empty & only has two letters from pen-pals & our Summer Bucket list. I'm looking forward to seeing it a bit more filled in over the year. As to where to find the fun hooks, I find them down the hardware isle at the local grocery shop, which for us is Woolies.

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