Sunday, February 5, 2012

NBTS: Meet The Students

Our Worldwide Classroom

In honor of the upcoming start of the Aussie School Year we've joined the Aussie Not Back To School Blog Hop. If you're interested in learning more about it or meeting other Aussies' who've joined the Blog Hop just check out the link above.

Meet Morgan our 11 year old {well, in 4 days so for the sake of this blog post I shall simply suck it up and consider him to be 11} Grade 5/6-er.

When Morgan was 5 he was pretty sure he was going to grow up and be a Policeman. That lasted until he turned 5. Then he decided to be a fireman. He wore his black rubber rain boots and a red shirt with fireman gear that was screenprinted right onto his t-shirt as often as we’d let him. This was such a big deal for him we arranged with the local Fire Department to have his birthday party in their station. They spoiled him rotten.
When Morgan was 8 he was going to grow up and work for Lego. This was such a big thing for him he actually wrote the Lego company and inquired how old he'd need to be before they would seriously consider hiring him. 
A year ago, Morgan decided that he might like to be an engineer. At the time it was just his "back-up" plan, but now it seems to be more of a serious desire for him. 
Morgan is clearly a thinker and a planner. He rarely jumps into something headfirst without thinking it through from many different angles. It's fun to watch, unless you just want him to hurry up and finish the lesson we're on! The thing is, there's no rushing his process.
He often amazes me with his quick wit, his dry humor, and his ability to create anything out of nothing. He can look at something in the shop or in a book and turn around and recreate it at home with absolutely nothing to go on other then what he saw. His ingenuity is both awe inspiring and terrifying at times. 
He’s the child I’m sure will blow up the shed with a chemistry experiment possibly gone very wrong. He’s the child who will find himself in awkward predicaments because he simply “had to know if it was possible!” Like the time he stuck his head between the bars of the chair and then couldn’t get them out.. or the time he decided to use a key lock to hold his pants up, but then lost the key. 
Morgan is eager to return to swim lessons this year, master more cooking in the kitchen, & dig deeper into science. There’s also been a request for more art, building his own game {from scratch} for the computer, & a trip to South Korea. 
I can easily see this amazing boy growing up to fix anything he puts his mind to. I just hope he’ll take time out to come fix anything I break, or build the next best bookcase I dream up!
Meet Jayden our 8 year old Grade 3/4-er.
When Jayden was 18 months we went to the Memphis Zoo to check out the Pandas on display. While awaiting the opening of the Chinese section {it only opened at certain times during the day} we checked out the hippo exhibit nearby. The hippo floated to the top of it’s pool and followed our 2 year old around. People came rushing over to check out the funny hippo and we walked away. The hippo instantly sunk to the bottom of it’s tank. 
When he was 2,  he witnessed his first Baseball game which I stopped to watch while flipping t.v. channels. Mostly because I didn’t want to think of unpacking another box. Jayden was instantly hooked on the sport and could think of doing nothing else, except maybe riding his bicycle. He wore a hole in his bike wheel, and could hit the ball far enough that neighbors learned to stand way back when they agreed to play with him.
When he was 2 and a half, we took a trip to the Knoxville Zoo & while Mr S was snapping pictures of the elephants Jayden was staring a zebra down. The zebra walked right up to the hugely powerful electric fence and walked, side by side, with Jayden until a zookeeper came out of no where highly concerned his zebra was trying to escape. His zebra refused to leave the fence until I took Jayden over to check out the elephants.
By the time he was 3 he was hooked on football, until we moved to Australia. His American football and baseball were placed in the toybox and out came an Aussie Rules footie & a cricket ball. His worn out bicycle was replaced with a swing & a trampoline.

Jayden spent much of his preschool years doing nothing more then sitting upon his swing singing away or shouting out at anyone who’d listen to throw him a ball. Yes, while on the swing. The whole time watching the native hens in our yard swim nearby him or the neighbors ducks waddle nearby.
At 8 Jayden is still attracted to the outdoors and animals. He is happiest when we are in the bush camping & still has the odd ability for one-on-one encounters with the wildlife. While the wallabies and roos jump away from everyone else they will walk right up to him and even permit their young to come out of their pouches to see him.
Jayden’s request for the upcoming school year are to learn to cook more then his brother, especially cupcakes and “something besides toast or when I grow up I’ll die because I will only know how to make peanut butter sandwiches.” To learn more about science {preferably biology or zoology} and to pick up his swim lessons again. He’s also desperate to play footie which I’ve refused him for the past 5 years.
While Jayden’s doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, I can so see this sweet child as a Park Ranger or Wildlife Rescue Person. And if he becomes either, when he tells me about his latest romps I’m going to ask him each and ever time if he checked all the pouches on the animals he found.. you know, just in case.


Kylie said...

wow those animal encounters are amazing!!!

Thanks for joining in with the hop :-)

Ingi Mc said...

So amazing that kids from the same family can be so different! Loved "meeting" your kids :-)

Chareen said...

don't you just love little boy "when I grow up ..." dreams ?

Loved meeting your boys.

Hope to see you next week.

Caz said...

Totally adorable introductions for totally adorable kids!

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Love the fire brigade party story!:)

Renata said...

Lovely to meet you through the bloghop! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead with your students!

Acres Of Learning said...

You have tow lovely souls there. Looking forward to reading more throughout the year.