Saturday, February 11, 2012

Morgan's 11th Birthday In Photos

Yes, we made the birthday table be in the school room. Mostly because it's easier for Mr S to get to on his crutches. That and the boys were bound to see it as they stumbled from their rooms. My camera is on the fritz so by the time  got it to focus {mostly} he'd all ready opened most of his stash. He's flipping through the Australian Dangerous Book For Boys.

There was much excitement over this set of Snap Circuits that I'd picked up on sale at the local toy store. They were deciding what they'd build first based on what the exterior of the box said was available. Mind you there are over 100 things to build and the box only mentioned something like 4.

There was much internal debate over what to get this kid for his 11th birthday. Mr S had a video game he wanted to give him & I knew of a video game Morgan wanted, but it was only available for the ds, not the wii. This meant he was going to end up with two games he could only play on Mr S' DS as the boys don't own their own. I scrapped my idea of buying him his own camera and picked him up a DS instead. The local EB Games has second hand ones for a really good price. In fact, two of the games we got him were cheaper because we bought them second hand. And, in case your wondering, everything from EB Games comes with warranties. The console itself comes with 12 months, the games come with only a week, but for $2 per game you can buy extended warranties for them.

The cake.. oh the cake.. I'd been asking him for over a week what he wanted for a cake but he didn't know. The day before his birthday I told him he had to be more specific or I'd pick for him. So he decided a quidditch field or a castle would be great. Um, yeah so I went with the quidditch field, and a sloppy one at that. I've promised a much fancier one when we take a cake with us to the city for our outing of mini golf with cousins. I wasn't impressed with the cake, but the birthday boy was and that's what matters most. The goals are pretzel sticks and pretzels circles stuck together with chocolate. I included 1 quaffle, 2 bludgers, and 1 golden snitch {minus wings}. Oliver Wood would be proud I picked up on his rules so quickly, eh?

It was just the four of us and his Nana over for cake and dinner yesterday. Very quiet and fun evening. All though it's traditional in our house to blow party poppers after the birthday song is sun. Oh my goodness, have you seen the new party poppers you twist and they burst everywhere? Yeah.. well there might have only been 4 people bursting them but oh my goodness it looked like a heap had a party all over the couch and lounge room floor!

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