Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lazy Saturdays

Saturday was a scorcher here, we're talking 20 degrees Celsius, by 9 am!  Keeping the troops busy in a good and happy way is pretty important when you know we'll max out at 30 by lunch time. Mr S suggested we go out, but no one really wanted to make the drive into the city to hit the museum which was on our Bucket List of things to accomplish this summer.

Of course certain children wanted to spent the hot afternoon playing video games, to which certain parents, that is to say I, totally disagreed. I was all for tidying up the house and reading books, but I was greatly outnumbered.

Instead, I suggested we gear up for an entire variety of events which would allow me to hang up laundry, make bread, & get a menu laid out for the week ahead, all while keeping the troops happy.

Most were in agreement, and regardless of how cute you may find the picture to the left, I promise you my child is sulking. He's pretending we don't exist and neither does the game we are about to play. What he really wanted to do was hit the arboretum and play our Nature Game. A fantastic idea except he couldn't swim in the water there as he'd hoped so we nixed the idea for a cooler afternoon.  Fortunately for him, he's related to people who laugh too much and he quickly joined us.

We started with several round of Say Cheese which is a very simplistic but NOISY game. Seriously, much dice rolling on a wooden table equals really loud. Not to mention a lot of laughter and gasps from the people playing.  The idea is to roll dice that match the cards that are face up. Simplistic & difficult all at the same time. It really is quick to play though!

Next up was fruit juice sweetened gummies. We discovered Yummie Gummies when the local Coles grocery decided to discontinue them. I bought every last packet off the shelf and saved them for special occasions. It was ages before we found them again, at a local health food store! Dimmey's now seems to carry small sacks of them & I'd been into one recently and picked the kids up a packet each. They were kind enough to share with me. Not only are these gummies sugar-free they aren't made with artificial food coloring!

I challenged the guys to a game of Mario Party, this is a huge favourite in our house. Mr S has been a fan of these games since before Morgan was born. He's eagerly awaiting Mario Party 9's release later this year. In the mean time, he quickly figured out the boys are big competitors in this game! I had no hope, Morgan beat us all!

After the video game and some lunch & laundry we put on an incredibly long movie {Harry Potter 2} which was the first time either of the boys have seen it. I think Mr S dozed off during the film to be honest which gave me ample opportunity to inform the boys that we really should get cracking reading book 2 because it's way better.

We wrapped up the day with a trip to the local beach, which crowded and filthy! Seriously, it was icky. We're use to a nice stretch of beach which rarely has anyone else on it, and those that are there are usually properly clothed & it's just clean and beautiful. Anyway, I digress.. We picked up some pizza and went home to watch Nim's Island. Which I sorta zoned out on because I was remembering when I read the book to the boys for the first time.. A rather lazy Saturday afternoon, which was followed up with a slightly lazier Sunday afternoon where we spent most of it at the beach..

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Butterfly said...

You have a lucky family, what a great effort you always make!

Nim's Island is my favourite movie! Island, writer, adventure, childhood, all the best ingredients cooked up into one. I liked the movie better than the book :)