Saturday, February 18, 2012

HSITW & Sonlight Matchups: Core E

While we wait for the last of our books to arrive I decided to sit down and finish lining up our plans to match up the HSITW cds with our Core E studies this year. My kids have really enjoyed the HSITW cds, and so have I, so fitting them in was a must & went fairly smoothly. 

With Sonlight there are no hands on projects, notebooking pages, lapbooking ditties, crafts, or anything like that. I'm okay with that, really I am. Despite the amount of things my kids do to show what they have studied, I enjoy the fact the boys are old enough now that they love to do all the projects themselves. HSITW's Time Traveler cds help that happen & they make the planning on my part so simple.

Many of you were excited to hear that I was planning to do this and hoped I would share, so basically below is what I came up with! Please bear in mind I'm working with an older Core E {2002} and there have been some minor changes to it since then. I also suspect the Scope & Sequence I was working with was out of whack. My Core doesn't have a S&S so I used the one printed on the SL website, which aligns with the current Core. 

Notes:  I don't know how much of the USA Story Book & Landmark book I'll read if the HSITW cds all ready cover the information. You should be able to click on notes & have them big enough to print out if you want. I've enjoyed all but 2 of the Lynn Austin books "For Mom" that I included & enjoyed them immensely. They are Christian fiction for woman, so if you're not in to that kinda thing they might not appeal to you. The two I haven't read are in my stack to read. The kids really enjoy it when I read a book and share some of the historical points of it with them, so I might save those titles until we're closer to that time period, we'll see. 


Butterfly said...

I like how you have listed books for YOUR reading enjoyment, which are related to what you're studying together. That makes sense and I might have done it, but I just never thought of consciously planning for it and including it on my plans. Thanks for the idea!!

Judy W said...

Your plan looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing it. Just one additional comment, which might be helpful ... Sonlight does have hands-on ideas and projects included in their Core E Tips CD ( None of it is "scheduled" per se ... just lots of supplemental ideas to use if you so desire.