Thursday, February 2, 2012

A few Questions Answered..

The marble maze on our bookcase was a wonderful Christmas present from family for our Jayden this year. It was obtained from a local toy store {Toy World for those of you in Australia}, but is available online as well from various sources. The one we have is The Lourning Journey Marble Mania Extreme 2.0. I believe it can be purchased via Amazon, Wal-mart {usa}, The Marble Run Shop {uk}, iQ Toy Store {au}.

It took us all most three hours or so to put the crazy thing together, but we did stop for a lunch break & a few other minor interruptions. When we tried to put it together the first time, we found that the company had put 2 of the wrong piece in and none of another! Our toy shop couldn't help us as it was their last one & they weren't even sure they could order more, so we contacted the company via email & they sent us a replacement piece which arrived, once mailed, 24 hours later! We now leave the whole thing set up on the shelf because the booklet that came with it only had one set of instructions. You can download a second set online if you chose to change it. Jayden loves it the way it is so I'm not sure it will be changed anytime soon, & I'm not sure he's quite ready to experiment with new ways to put it together. That's more Morgan's line of expertise to be honest.

All in all it was a huge success of a present, & the boys would love to find a few of the other marble mazes to use as well. Morgan especially thinks the Galaxy one which is meant to glow in the dark is especially cool looking. You can actually see a colorful marble maze in the background. It's not part of the Marble Mania. It's one of the "old school" marble mazes which we've had for a while, & it made an appearance so they could race both mazes to see which one was faster. The new one actually has a motor on it to return the marbles to the top for you!

Thanks to the Mum's over at the Aussie Homeschool msg boards they helped me locate a Prime Minister poster that's as up to date as it can be right now. It's available through the Australian Geographic shop. You'll have to click on the .pdf order form, from the looks of it, to order it. I haven't purchased one yet, my sister-in-law was going to look for one that she had for me. So we may use that one for a little while if she happens to find it, all though I do plan to get the most updated one possible at some point down the road. We've saved a perfect little place in our learning room for it. We may not get to Prime Ministers this year so it's not a huge rush. The goal is to finish putting together an Australian History programme, and when we do we'll clearly cover all the Prime Ministers then. I'm hoping to use So You Want To Be Prime Minister & Australian Prime Ministers when we do.

I haven't purchased a US President poster yet either, I'd rather wait until after the upcoming elections, at least my poster will be good for 4 years then! However, I spotted this one over at Amazon which I was reasonably impressed with. In the mean time I have an old Subway Ruler hanging up that the kids have been using & may fork out for a placemat to tide us until after the elections, I may not.

If we had stuck with Winter Promise for the second half of US history we would have focused on the presidents, which seems fitting considering our studying of US history. Because we've switched to Sonlight we won't have the presidential focus. I'm not fussed about that because I planned to come up with that on our own via Simply Presidential. We'll include The Look-It-Up Book of Presidents {which we all ready own}, our Presidential Notebooking Pages, I Grew Up To be President, & Smart About The First Ladies.

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