Monday, February 13, 2012

Angry Birds

Virtually everyone knows about the app game Angry Birds. It's one of those highly addictive games that's overly simplistic and yet highly challenging. You start out thinking, "No problem man!" and before you know it you've wasted too much time sitting there having a go at it.

We were introduced to it, or rather broke down and tried it out, over Christmas. I distinctly remember sitting in a recliner and squealing, "What?! No fair!!" and my brother-in-law asked what on earth I was doing and my response was, "Resisting the urge to say something rude to these confounded pigs!" He doubted my ability to be rude, poor fellow.   As for the game.. ha, the rest is history. Even our children are addicted. In fact, I heard Mr S declare last night that he'd been stuck on one particular level in one of the many versions for a while now. There was horror when I disclosed it had been about two weeks since I'd even played the game. True will power? No, I'm afraid I've just been busy, busy, busy!

At a local store a week or so ago the boys spotted an Angry Birds board game. They were giddy, but I broke their giddiness when I announced I wouldn't purchase it. After all it was really close to someone's birthday not to mention Valentine's Day. So, when asked what Morgan wanted for his birthday I whispered to his Nana that he'd love this crazy game. She took that offer and went to purchase it only to find it was sold out at the shop we'd been in. It was also sold out at three local toy shops in three town, another local store near her, & a store near us. She refused to be daunted by the lack of "sold out" she was hearing and kept calling around until she found it. The shop not only sold it to her, but shipped it to her too!

The game, Knock On Wood {which I suspect is a prelude to the fact that they will release other versions..} is as annoying as the video version. There are 4 levels of cards to pick from. Once you pick one another player sets up the "wood" and pigs as indicated on the card. Then you use the birds indicated on the card to knock the whole thing down.

Jayden took a lot of concentration to set it up for Morgan! We played countless rounds of this yesterday adjusting the rules to fit our needs. You're only suppose to use each bird on the card 1x but we allow 2x each. We also let you collect the bonus even if you don't knock out all the pigs. This game is just maddening! I mean really it is..

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We have yet to play angry birds - but the children have been curious - the board game looks interesting!