Wednesday, February 29, 2012

40 Days Of Easter: Day 5 & 6

Day 5's craft was pretty quick and simple, after all that has been the theme around here. Seriously though, this craft was incredibly quick and simple, exactly what we needed because the last three days around here have been totally chaotic.

We actually did this craft yesterday, but I was just to busy & worn out to care about uploading photos for it last night. Do you have any idea how exhausting a trip to the library can be? No, seriously we had a rather busy day yesterday.

Anyway, Tuesday's parable came from John where Jesus spoke about vines. I was tempted to drive up to one of the many vineyards in our area and ask for a bit of vine, but considering I wouldn't have made a purchase of their wine they might not have appreciated my boldness.

Instead, we raided the craft box for pipe cleaners. Apparently someone used up all the greens & browns so we settled for what we had. No one seemed to mind getting the orange, so it worked. All you need is a pipe cleaner per child and a pen or pencil.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil. There's no exact science to this. The kids did it several times because they felt the craft was too quick and simple for them.

Pull it off gently & give a slight bend in the middle. That's it. See, super easy here! All though Jayden did keep referring to it as his "weed". We heard exclamations all day of, "What happened to my weed? Who took my weed!" Yeah, there were a few snickers...

Today, Day 6, was discussing what the fruit Jesus refered to in John might have meant which led to reading the scripture in Galatians about The Fruit Of The Spirit. A quick google search pulled up this freebie. Color, cut, glue. The boys did all of it themselves while I read our read aloud today to them. Had I thought it through a little more, I would have reduced the size before printing, but that's okay. The kids were happy with it as it was.

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