Monday, February 27, 2012

40 Days Of Easter: Day 4

File Four in our Mission Possible book was about Judas I. & his selling out of Jesus. The boys both remembered that there was silver exchanged, before reading today's scriptures. It was Morgan who remembered that there were 30 pieces that exchanged hands.

I debated a couple of ideas here for Crafts, but in the end went with an idea for making 30 simple pieces of silver & a small bag to hold them in. It's not a "flat" craft, but could be affixed to paper to be flat when we're done with it.

When completed it's actually quite lightweight and easily hung on our Art Display String so that was another bonus.

Best of all the boys were really into this craft and are still making more "silver" for use in various games they have well planned out.

For today's craft, which is really simple, all you need is some lightweight cardboard {We used Mr S's weet*bix box}, a circle cutter {or you can free hand it}, & some aluminium foil.

Cut out 30 circles per child. Again, I used my nifty little 1" circle punch that goes with my scrapbooking goodies. Was quick and simple.

Next, take small strips of aluminium foil {half of what you see in the photo above} and wrap it around the small cardboard discs. Perfection is not important. The boys felt the less perfect & smooth it was the more realistic it looked.

The wrapping can take a bit of time, so I took advantage of this and read todays passage while the boys covered their coins in silver. I did end up helping Jayden after we finished reading, but Morgan finished all of his on his own.

If you want to make a quick and simple money pouch all you need is thread, a needle, and a piece of material cut into a circle per pouch. These are really easy to make!

Quick running stitch all the way around the circle. Nothing exact, we just went with it, & as you can tell I didn't bother to iron the material either. No one complained.

We left a long tail when we were done, pull this as much or as little as you want to close the bag up. This bowl shape was just right for the kids to drop all their coins into without worrying about them spilling back out.

Then we pulled the string all the way to lock our coins inside! Easy Peasy craft that the boys haven't stopped talking about since we completed it!

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