Friday, February 24, 2012

40 Days Of Easter: Day 3

Today's lesson was the Parable Jesus told to the Pharisees about the Rich Man with the vineyard who rented it out only to have his servants & son killed.

I went with a cluster of grapes for this craft which would keep things simple. I like simple, & considering my mil is under the weather and staying with us I love simple even more!

This craft & Bible reading took us about 20 minutes, or the same length of time it took for my mother-in-law to engage in a very interesting phone call with my brother-in-law! I like quick too, did I mention that alongside simple?

Today's supplies are pretty simple: Glue sticks, green & purple circles cut from construction paper. You'll need to google for a grapevine pattern if you're not up to drawing one yourself.

I cheated with the circles & went the quick and simple route and used my 1" scrapbooking punch. I love that thing, & have another one a bit bigger. Anyway, it works really well and was just the right size. Just sit and punch a few out.

Trim your free printout as desired. I removed the reference to Mom & trimmed the sides down a bit. I wanted to keep things small and simple to fit into a notebook when they were done. Most likely many glued to a piece of paper and then slipped in. This worked for us.

Have your crafters color the grape leaves and vines. Mine did this while I read the parable to them directly from my Bible & then read them the clues & facts from our Mission Possible book.

Cover your paper in glue from your glue stick and arrange the circles as desired to make a nice large cluster of grapes. I don't recommend laying out your grapes first before spreading the glue on because little crafters get frustrated when they can't reduplicate it exactly as they had it. Remember quick & simple.

That's it, just hang it up to dry!  On a side note, we won't be sharing anymore crafts until our Monday again as we won't be doing any this weekend. We have a party & outing scheduled for the weekend & I'd like the devotional to last them until Easter.


Leslie said...

This Easter devotional is so cool!!! It sounds like you are coming up with all of the craft ideas to go along with the lessons in the book, right?

you are so creative!!!

Hope your week-end is wonderful


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I've got to look into getting a couple of those scrap booking punches - they would make so many crafts so much easier. I really like this 40 days to Easter series!

Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

The leaf pattern from this craft comes from on this page: