Friday, February 10, 2012

11th Birthday Interview

What's your favorite:
Cereal: Cocoa Pops* 
Vegetable: Sweet Red Pepper {capsicum}
Drink: Grape Juice
Toy: Well, today my new Snap Circuit Set
Tv Show: Pokemon 
Game: Angry Birds
Restaurant: La Porcheta aka Champs
Book: Tintin Series
Holiday: Christmas
Animal: Zebra
If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Supercalifragilisticexpiadlidocious. No, not really. I'd pick Ash, or maybe I'll name my son Ash.  

What is your favorite thing about each person in our family?
Mom, cause she always helps me when I need it. 
Dad, because he's so cute -- hahaha-- no really because he always tucks me in and helps me when I need him. 
Jayden, because he's the most.. he's my favourite brother in the whole world & I wouldn't change him for anything. Except for when he's the annoying Peanut.. oh wait, that's me. I'm the annoying peanut.
If you could choose where we go on vacation, where would we go?
What do you hope to do now that you are eleven?
Reach the top of the fridge, wait I can all ready. I hope for Dad to teach me how to make my own video game from scratch.

*He's had these one time in his entire life, so of course it's his most favourite thing. Honestly though, he all most always eats an egg sandwich for breakfast.. or a banana wrap. Very rarely does he waver. I could live without the Pokemon addiction, I could live a long and happy life without it. *Happy dreamy sigh* But, oh well, hopefully it'll be a short lived fetish. Hey, I can dream, right? As for the answers that change this year after staying the same for many years.. he felt the need to give a different answer to "make it different". 

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Dawn said...

Only one of mine has gone Pokemon crazy so far. It was a three year addiction. Fun interview.