Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Super Farmer Game

Each year for Christmas it's tradition for the guys to find a new game under the Christmas Tree with their names on it. I tend to be picky about the games I purchase because games here are really pricey! This year, though, I went with a few ideas in mind and not only didn't I find what I was after I didn't find much of anything to take it's place either.

While debating if I would settle or not I spotted the game Super Farmer in the shop I was in. I really liked it, but there wasn't much information on the box other then to tell me the game was created during WWII I found that tidbit intriguing as we'll be studying this very time period this year in school! The box also stated that it was most likely the first time the 20 sided dice was used in a game. So the idea formed to buy one game this year for the whole family. Not what I had in mind originally, but it worked and I'm glad I did it. This game has been so much fun for our family!!

It game with four board games, one for each player. I was a little annoyed three of our game boards were slightly warped in a bend, but they all played fine which matters the most. However, I was sorely tempted to call the store and notify them considering the price they sell their games for! Anyway, the game boards are all the same, and the object is to build your farm up of the exact animals listed in the pyramid. You can only get them buy specific means though!

You build your farm by rolling pairs of animals & trading! The dice have animals on every side and if you roll two matching animals you get to collect the animal token. However, if you roll 1 bunny and have one bunny token on your board then you can still collect a bunny token. Pretty cool, and keeps little ones happier too! Basically for every 2 like animals you roll/have you get 1 token which means my guys get to work on some pretty sneaky division skills while playing this game..

The downside is the tricky fox {orange} and miserable wolf {blue} If you roll either of those you lose animals! The fox is naughty and eats your bunnies up, and the wold is cruel and eats all your animals. There are varying rules for quicker play, and we like to use those ones as it helps keep the game moving and encourages our youngest to stick with the game.

There are some saving graces to wolves and foxes though! They come in the form of these nifty farm dogs. The little ones protect you against foxes & the bigger ones protect you against wolves. As you can see, there's enough little dogs for everyone, but that's not the case for the bigger ones!!

This game kept us really busy this weekend with at least four rounds happening! Jayden's really good at this game, but has little strategy to winning. Morgan attempts a strategy but falls prey to wolves and foxes. I can't confess to having a strategy either, but in one game I rolled the wolf every other turn! Sooo frustrating.

The only major downside is that the wolf and horse look pretty similar! They are different and after a few rounds some of us had no issues telling them apart, especially when you remember they are on differing dice. You see, there's only one horse on the dice so basically you need to trade up to get one for your farm! Same is true of the cow!!

I love that the history of this game is right in the rules too! While the boys are aware there's history to this game, I think they'll appreciate it more after their studies in the coming school year. In fact, I won't be one little bit surprised if the Professor lands upon our timeline before the year's end!

Check out the original playing pieces!!  Every time I see that picture I think that the game tokens should be made from wood. I don't know why, but it's what I think when I see it. Needless to say the family really loves the game we picked this year. As for where to purchase it.. I purchased it from a crazy local shop that sells a bit of everything.. It looks like Fishpond use to sell it & that Presents of Mind still does. Unfortunately, I purchased the one and only copy in the local shop & I've no idea if they'll get another one. If you're in the US I believe Board Game Geek sells them.


Butterfly said...

I've been admiring this game since I saw it reviewed on another blog. You've also made it sound very necessary!! I'll be looking out for it :)

Cara Carroll said...

Learning games are the way to go. After I saw this post, I just had to share the following link:
This game is designed to appeal to homeschool families, teaching about animals and critical thinking skills