Monday, January 9, 2012

School Room Make Over

Despite popular belief I have not vanished from the face of the earth, or this blog. Nope, I've been up to my eyeballs in a remodeling, or is that redecorating, scheme?

See, when we first moved into our home it was a matter of "put stuff in the best place and move onward!" kinda thing. Each room was set up to the best of our ability and we carried on with life as if nothing had happened.

My first major project this summer has been reorganising certain rooms. The idea was that I wanted to get the school room rearranged & in order to do so had to get the kids rooms up to spec. Weird, but true because I was playing a game known around here as "the bookcase shuffle".  Our school room had 6 bookcases in it and we still had a major overflow of books, to say nothing of what we have in the states! Rather then keep overflowing cases that weren't handling the task I decided to try an idea that a friend up the road uses!

However, to get to that point I had to shuffle bookcases around! It was all going really well until the moment when a child squealed, "MOM I'm stuck!!" and I managed to drop a full loaded cabinet on my big toe. Yeah, as it turns out the child was not screaming for me as much as his lego man was screaming for it's Mamma, my toe on the other hand is still bruised!

Here's a better picture of our nearly finished project, and by we I merely mean my big toe and I! My friend used planks of wood as long as her room and bricks, both of which I thought were incredibly clever, but I had to revise that idea for a couple of reasons.. One, no one in town knew what I wanted when I said I wanted a brick. I joketh not, it got so bad I called Mr S at work and when he said hello I merely uttered, "What on earth do you call those orange oblong type things most people build chimneys out of but some people put in their gardens for one reason or another?" Yeah, Mr S thought the heat was getting to me.. Anyway, I went for shorter planks of wood I could fit in the car and garden/fence posts to hold my shelves up with! I also didn't stack my shelves as high so the kids could easily reach the shelves, I didn't want to risk them climbing on shelves for a favourite book.

The small bookcase  in the previous picture & the {excuse the grainy picture} lapbook area in the above photo will continue the shelving unit around when I make another trip to the hardware store. Can I just say that the only thing the guys who run the timber shed find funnier them a woman coming in to get wood is one who speaks with a funny accent? At one point I told the boys they'd have to wait while I put on my boy clothes so the guys would take me more seriously next time. I'm nerdy like that.

That lovely blue cabinet up there is the one I dropped on my foot, my fil made that and he made everything "to last".. heavy. Big. Sturdy. It's loaded with our art supplies! I went buy the local tip, which has a recycling shop, to see if they had any bricks. That was a no-go, but they did have some school desks which they sold me for $5 each. They also sold me a futon couch/bed for $15 for the office, and 2 scooters for $5. I even scored some awesome new chairs for our patio, but I'm getting side tracked.. The boys each now have their own little desk to work out, plus we still have the main table. I know, I know.. why the desks, you homeschool!!?? Yeah, well my charming lefty bumps elbows with my charming righty and regardless of how I put them around the table it causes tears. I figured small desks would solve that issue! Plus, it's nicer for them to have their own little "place" to work on their independent work.

And there's our maps. I still need to get an Australia map, I'm aiming for this one, but we'll see. That hallway runs from one end of the house to the other, literally. I also had it cram packed with books, book cases, and so on which is why I reacted so quickly when a child shouted out that he was "stuck". And yes, those are backpacks on my kids chairs at the table. We keep the school items we use daily for each child in their own bookbag. It makes taking school to the park or the library for a change of scenery or extra special fun quick and simple! And I gotta say, there's nothing quite like turning your kids lose at the park when there's an entire school of them there all ready. True story. Some day, I'll share that funny story, because it's totally worth it!


Holly said...

Wow-looks gorgeous!! Holly

Kendra said...

Aww, thanks Holly. I didn't feel the photos did it justice because it's been miserably cloudy and I couldn't get a good angle. :) But it really is a fun fun room!

Dawn said...

I love it!

Shelly L. said...

Nice job on the school room! Very inspiring!

The Zookeeper said...

that looks wonderful!!!! sorry about your toe!!!

Jen's Busy Days said...

When we were struggling for cash for furniture for toys and books I made shelves out of big planks of wood (Bunnings has big sheets of white shelving materials) and spaced them apart with besser blocks. They are concrete building blocks that I also used as edging for a raised garden bed at one time.

Mine were the first ones pictured 20.01 and I used the holes for parsley and strawberries when they were part of my garden.

I only stacked them two high before putting another level of shelving and I put a shelving panel down first on the floor to protect the floor.

Anyway hope that was helpful for future "renovations".

Best wishes
Jen in NSW