Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Summer Reading

The boys aren't the only ones with a summer reading basket, I am too. A few weeks ago a package arrived, from friends, with this small stack of books which were quickly added too the other stack of books I'd planned to read this summer. My progress has been very slow, unfortunately, as I've been very busy trying to get plans for the 2012 school year laid out.

1. The Ministry Of Motherhood -- During my personal Conference I had the pleasure of listening to Sally Clarkson speak and I fully enjoyed everything she shared! I'd love to have obtained all her books, but I felt for now this was a great place to start. I've all ready started this one and can't wait to have plenty more time to devour this book.

2. A Modern Girl's Guide To Bible Study -- On one of the message boards I frequent this book was really spoken heavily about last year, & it was a delightful Christmas present to receive! I really can't wait to fall face first into the book.

3. Lessons At Blackberry Inn -- This is the sequel to Pocketful of Pinecones which I read a few years ago, & this sequel has been on my list for quite some time. I can't wait to read it, all though I'm debating rereading the Pinecone book first. So many choices!!!

4. The Big What Now Book Of Learning Styles -- Oh my goodness have you ever had the pleasure of listening to Carol Barnier speak? I'm telling you I could listen all day if I weren't so busy laughing! She is amazing, down to earth, and honest. Another "guest speaker" at my personal conferences and boy did she light a fire for fun in our homeschool! She just has so many ideas! Unfortunately all her ideas are spread amongst all her books, but I chose this particular one because I wanted some suggestions for a few areas in our own little home school. I've also begun this one and can't wait for more time to dig in!

Other Books On My List

1. The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide To Romance -- After hearing that I couldn't obtain this book locally a friend sent me a copy. It took a long time to arrive, and then we found ourselves in the middle of unpacking a house and all that. So this is at the top of my list get read before we begin our new school year. Interestingly enough, I heard Heidi St John speak about this book/topic during my home conference too!

2. Heaven At Home -- I've actually owned this book for a long time and read it before, but it's been so long I feel the need to read it again. I really enjoy Ginger Plowman's down to earth style & her love for God. If you've never read Don't Make Me Count To Three it's also another awesome read by the same author!

3. Psych Mysteries -- This is probably dribble, but one of the few shows I enjoyed watching in the states with Mr S was Psych. It was a nonsense type show, and very funny most of the time while being reasonably clean. Not something you get most of the time. Anyway, you can't watch it on television here and every year we seem to order one more season worth of DVDs. Yet another friend sent our family a fun package and inside she packed 3 different Psych mystery books. I've got one tucked in the car so I can read it when we stop at parks or I'm waiting in the car for anyone. So far so good!

4. Beautiful In God's Eyes -- Have you read anything by Elizabeth George? My cousin introduced me to "an amazing friend" one day via these books, and I own many and have equally devoured them. Unfortunately, when we moved here I think I only brought one with me. My parents have sent me a few since we moved here and I spotted this particular one in a used book shop. Despite having all ready read it I snatched it up knowing I could really use to read it again. I seriously love anything by this woman thus far!

5. The Power Of A Praying Parent/Wife -- Both of these are in my basket again. I owned both of these in the states and stumbled upon them used here and snatched them up. I used to go through them regularly each month and pray for all the "guys" in my life. I know you think you love your husband and your kids, but there's something about praying for them that just makes that bond so much stronger, don't you think? I was so excited to find these books and am prayerful that I can get back to a regular rotation of them during the summer to carry through the rest of the year.

6. The Ashton Scholastic History Of Scholastic -- I stumbled upon a copy of this at the library when the boys and I were hanging out there waiting on our car which was in the shop late last year. The book is laid out into 24 different sections, and it struck me that I could probably write an Australian History programme, with help from Mr S,  for the boys based on each of those 24 chapters, thus it would last us all most an entire school year. I'm actually really excited about this idea!

7. Exploring Nature With Your Kids -- This is a book from The Mailbox company. I love books from that little company! I wanted to map out various nature ideas for the year ahead using this book and matching them up with a few of the science topics we'll be studying this year.

8. Super Science With Your Kids -- Another Mailbox company book. I'm thinking of turning each of these little ideas into "kits" to use with the boys throughout the year. If nothing else I'll merely flag experiments to do over the school year with the kids. Our science curriculum was greatly lacking this year and I'm intent to beef it up for this year.


The Zookeeper said...

We love the Mailbox Co... Also I want to try the first book ministry of motherhood... One of my favorites that ive read lately is the power of a positive mother!! been a changer for me!! xoxo -- ohh and im so jealous you have great warm weather... ive had snow...

The Unsell Family said...

I loved a Pocketful of Pinecones. I have the sequel on my wish list too. :) Your list of books looks wonderful!

Michele said...

I have the first three books on your list on my reading list this year. I am glad you mentioned Carol Bariner. I love her and need another book to add to my reading list this year. I also have The Power of a Praying Parent/Wife and need to read those. So many books and not enough time to read! lol!

Heather said...

nice book stack Kendra!

I'm reading Free Range Learning right now. Carol Barnier is a regular at the LEAH conventions though I have not read her book, I've seen her speak.

Heather W

Rachel said...

I'd like to hear what you think of the Modern Girls Guide to Bible Study. I think that was the one I was hearing so much about and I was on the fence about buying. Its so hard to buy new books when you can't see them and peruse them yourself and when the house is super full.