Monday, January 30, 2012

Lego Books

My children own a lot of lego. No, make that a ton of lego. Seriously. They quickly outgrew the little plastic lego box that they received with a small set, and moved up to a basket. That was quickly outgrown and replaced with a plastic piggy toybox, which was also outgrown & replaced with half a clam sandbox/swimming pool which is currently full to the max.

The problem is, all that lego often came with a booklet of instructions on how to assemble the kits. There's much pouring over the booklets and assembling that happens when lego sets are first purchased. Then the books were put in a rubbermaid box and often pulled out to get ideas for how to build the item again, or build a duplicate, or, or, or.. Needless to say lego may be well built but the booklets aren't. I can't tell you how many times a child has come to me asking if I've seen the other half of their booklet. Or just page 10. Or the cover. Or.. Or.. Or.. And, if they aren't asking me, I'm asking them.. "Why is there a lego booklet cover on your bed?" "Why on earth are there lego booklets all over under the beds?" "There's a lego booklet jammed in the vacuum and I'm going to scream!"  You're getting the point here, right?

Over our summer break I've been finishing unpacking a few last boxes, as well as organizing and decorating our humble abode. I started with the boys rooms and when I got to Morgan's, I decided to yank out the box of Lego booklets. I just couldn't take it anymore! I told him to put the box in my bedroom and when I had a spare lifetime I'd find all the booklets on the computer. He kinda chuckled and said, "But you'll do it sooner then that right?" Uh, yeah, sure.. I put the task off for a couple of weeks as I busied myself with other things. I mean look at that booklet, they all looked like that! Except for the half million that had the number ripped off and I had to sort through the scraps to match them up.. I'm not joking here, people!

After scaring our gardner half to death when I jumped up from the table and screamed, "I FOUND it guys!!" at the very moment he was about to knock on my door I managed to locate every single stinking number on every stinking booklet that was in the box! It didn't take as horribly long as I expected it to, but it was no easy task either. Some of the lego structures they have came with multiple books, so I made sure to mark that on my paper. I also, for what ever reason, felt the need to mark the Bionicle figures and Lego Hero figures as such on my paper.

Then the real fun began.. I went to and typed in the booklet numbers and waited to see what it would find. For the most part it had very little trouble finding what I wanted. The biggest task was all the clicking it took to get there.

First you type in the booklet number. Then you click on the item it pops up if it's what you want. Then you select the size booklet you want to save and then you wait for the pdf version of it to download. Honestly, most downloaded pretty quickly, & the ones that didn't were weirdly small booklets! Save it to your computer, I created a special file on our desktop for it, and then throw the booklet away. No, really throw the book away!

I was really glad that I marked down which booklets were for bionicles because for whatever reason couldn't/wouldn't bring up those books! So, I used Brickfactory which still had direct links to those booklets. So simple! Now when we obtain new lego we'll put it together and then immediately download the instruction booklet and reycle the one that came with the kit. Not only are all the instruction books on the computer, they are also on our ipad, and burned to disc. So hopefully we've got it covered. Either way, I'm just really glad there are no more creepy messes of booklets hiding under the kids beds!


Kylie said...

ok THAT is a great idea!!! Only mothers ob boys will understand just how great.

However, I'm not sure my DS would let me get rid of the actual booklets too!!

Kendra said...

Well... it went like this, "I'm throwing the books away!" "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!! You CAN'T!!" "I can, but I promise to get them all on the computer before I throw them away." Then those few weeks I put off doing the task and dreamed of throwing the books away in the middle of the night.. yeah, he had time to adjust to the fact that the books were GOING. ;)

Melody said...

You are a genius! I'm definitely going to do this myself, although I dread it because we have a plastic tub full of books plus others stuck in drawers. :-/ Thank you so much for this idea!

Kylie said...


Michele said...

This is awesome, Kendra!! Thank you so much for posting about this!