Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Flag & A Story

This picture has a funny story behind it! I'm always raving to my mother-in-law about these brilliant little hooks and tape that I get to hang stuff up in our rentals. I love them. You probably can't see it in the picture, but I've got two tiny hooks hanging up on the wall which holds our art string. There's a larger hook at the top of that wall which a ring of the flag is in.

See, while pulling out our Australia Day decorations I found our Australian Flag and considering we don't have a pole here or deck to hang it on like at the last place I figured I'd put it in the school room. Only even on the ladder I couldn't reach the space I wanted it hung in, so I enlisted Mr S to help me. Only he couldn't quite reach either.

So being the thinker that I am I suggested we drag the kitchen table up to that wall, put the ladder on top and he, or I, could scramble up it to hang up the flag. He laughed. I fetched the table. He climbed the ladder. One side of the flag is on a hook, the other is pinned up. This year we wrap up US history with a sprinkling of Aussie history, next year we do an indepth Geography study. At which time I'll put up more hooks and the rest of our world flags. For now the rest of that blank space is being saved for a poster of US Presidents & Aussie Prime ministers..

As for that fire alarm, don't ask me how on earth anyone has ever checked it's batteries. There is one thing I've come to conclude about this house we're in. It's really simple. Giants build it. No, really. Half the time I can't even reach light bulbs while standing on a ladder. I'm not exactly short either...

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Sheryll said...

Can I ask where you are getting your posters of Presidents and Prime Ministers? I was planning to order a placemat of the Presidents from Rainbow Resource at some point, but I'm taking a wild guess that they won't have one of Aussie PMs!